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3 hours ago, Applixir Kyle said:

I really enjoy a good puzzle game. This had me racking my brain on the correct tile to press to get that bunny to the carrot. Sometimes I wanted to use a stick, not a carrot! Would love to play this game on my phone on-the-go sometime. 

Worked for me on Galaxy S9 :) ..had to refresh the page first time but then it was working fine.

Nice execution @Nagval333, keep going! 

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I know it was a while ago, but just now I made apk build for android (via cordova cli). And there is some bugs fixes, minor graphics (Bigger eyes!!! 🤣) and sounds changes. And a new leaderboard only for android platform.




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I tested the game on my Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime (Android 6.0.1) and it ran smoothly. 

The game is very nice as well as the graphics. 

The only think I didn't like: game play was interrupted due ads. It's very annoying. IMHO you should show ads only between levels.

Did you made graphics yourself? Maybe you should work as a freelancer artist;)

How was the process of generating  the .apk file with cordova? A breeze or did you have troubles along the way?

As I told you above game run smoothly. I would never suspect it is an HTML5 game. It seemed a native one.

I saw it has 2.8MB. How much of this size is due cordova?

Thanks and good luck promoting it.

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Thanks plicatibu  🎅

About the ads, they are shown when the rabbit win and come to the new field (level). There is no actually pauses between levels, because after you win you immediately go ahead. Anyway, I didn't expect that ads will be too annoying. I put first ad after  2min, after that you get it every 4 min, except some tutorial levels, maybe I have to change it...
All graphics made by me with Inkscape.
About apk generating, I made this game by Construct 2 and use one of the tutorials for a apk build (via Cordova Cli) without any special troubles.

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Thank you for sharing. 

I think you have to find a good balance between earning money and annoying users.

I didn't know we automatically changed level. It seemed to me that all the fields were drom just one level.

If I were you I would put some fields by level (say 4 or 5) and after that I'd show the screen with all levels shiwing that yhe next one was unlocked.

After user clicked in the unlock level to start playing again then ads would appear. 

This way users wouldn't think  (wrongly as I did) ads were in the middle of the game play. 

You could monetize also with tips to complete fields.

One option: if user watch a video ad until it ends (s)he wins 1 tip.

Option 2: for US$ 1 it gets 10 tips.

Option 3: implement options 1 and 2.

This way users can complete levels they think are hard and you can earn some extra bucks. 

Of course, you should create many extra (and harder) levels.

If you implement it I want 10% of profits by the idea :D

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