StarMines: The Next Generation - a space shooter

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StarMines is a space shooter inspired by old classics like Asteroids and Omega Race.

You are the spaceship pilot in search of magical Bonusoids which can only be found in the endless starmine fields full of dangers. The more Bonusoids you catch, the better their magical forces make your ship.

The game should be playable on mobile with touch controls and desktop with keyboard or mouse. I have even tested it with an LG OLED TV, it works 🙂

On touch devices, there are different options for touch controls which you can choose from the top-right pause menu.

The game URL: https://smtng.jpkware.com/

New version on Jan 20, 2019:
- music and ship upgrade sound added, reduced overall volume
- ask for player name when always when starting a new game, changing name will reset progress
- automatic 5 second shield for each 4 Bonusoids collected
- more info messages on ship upgrades

New game play video with music, and showing the new shield:


Start menu

Game play - Field 1

Game play - field 16

A couple of YouTube videos:


The SM:TNG is my ancient StarMines for Java rebooted using the HTML5 and modern tools: Scala JS and Phaser CE.

I think the game is complete enough for public release now, but I'll most likely continue to develop it further in the coming months.
Eventually, I plan to make it open source under GPL, unless somebody buys an exclusive license with big money 🙂

All kinds of feedback welcome, for example:

  • Does it work well on your browser? I recommend Chrome on Android and Chrome or Edge on Windows, but it should work OK with other browsers as well.
  • Does it maintain 60fps? You can enable the fps meter on top-left corner with this URL: https://smtng.jpkware.com/#fps
  • What do you think about the different control options? What could be improved?
  • Ideas for new enemies, bonuses or weapons which would fit the theme?



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Greetings! Tested using Chrome MacOS Mojave.

Colorful game that runs at 60fps, and is a very faithful port of the old style black and white 80's style asteroids with the obstacle in the center. (The arcade version benefited greatly by being multiplayer and having independently roaming enemies, making the center barrier a useful tool)

The control scheme works, but it did take a moment to realize I could both turn via keyboard and turn by clicking where to shoot. (A setting to disable one or the other may be more straightforward for some players.)

Enemies that roamed either intelligently or randomly would add more excitement than just collision based enemy movement. And bonus single shot weapons like rockets with large area of effect or lasers that cut through several enemies at time would add more spice to the gameplay. (They could be single or very limited use to keep from offsetting the difficulty.) 


I hope the feedback helps with development, and Good Luck with your game!

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