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famobi isn't paying me !!!


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dear user , does anyone use famobi.com game in his website and didn't got payment ?

 i got over 1000 euro from their games , and when i send invoice and payment request they ignore me ! 

they don't answer to my mail  !! what should i do ?

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Hi, Sometimes by mistake maybe you're on their spam folder. I don't say, they did this action manually.

Try to contact them again and use different email (if you use hotmail for example, maybe create a gmail, whatever and send email again) or maybe try to find another email from them.

Use also their profile here, send a message.

Of course depend the time. If you send your message 2 days before, don't wait to get an answer asap. Its summer also. Wait some days, maybe weeks.

Good luck!

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but they did pay me before,  just now they are not answering any of my emails for 1 month !

i send like 10 mail  over the last month , any case their paying system is soo not good ! 

what can i do if they will ignore me on other mail as well ?

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14 minutes ago, yogevper said:

but they did pay me before

Sorry to understand, you send an email before and you get an answer like: "Sorry, we can't send you any payment, whatever." ?

Or you never get any answer?


13 minutes ago, yogevper said:

what can i do

It's always depend the way you have your games on their systems. Do you have an agreement? You get earning from ads? Or you sell your game under non-exclusive or exclusive licenses and never get paid?

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in the past i got payed (like half year ago )

and now 1 month ago i send a payment request and didn't got any anwer

i sent 10 mails in the last to 3 mails they got month and didn't got any answer 


i put their games in my website and we do revenu share, they do it with a lot of sites 

i belive they  arn't paying ther webmasters as well so i wrote here to see if more site owners like me didn't got payments

thanks for your answers !  

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Unfortunately i sell non-exclusive licenses so can't give you extra help about revenue share. As i said try different emails from your side and find 1-2 extra emails from them. I wish you good luck. But don't worry, i believe somewhere else is the problem.

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It is hard to send you in the right direction here, this forum is for HTML5 game development, but what you ask involves sales and accountancy. Odius has a point here, email them as much as possible. Wait a couple of days, if you got no reply, call them directly. According to their website, their number is +49 221 7880610. Be aware you call to a company in Germany. Depending where you live and what ISP you have, this could cost you a lot. And if that fails as well, try sending a registred letter where you point out the issue. They can always come up with the excuse "we did not receive that email" or "we never had a phonecall" and that is hard to proof, but when it comes to a registred letter, they need to sign it when they received it.

if that does not work out either, I suggest to take it a step further and get yourself a lawyer and sue them. But I can understand if that is too much asked, especially taking the situation in account. A lawyer may cost you more than what that company owes you. All I can wish you right now is good luck!

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