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How do you guys determine the price of your HTML5 game?


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Hello there!

I couldn't find a clear answer to this question.

I've seen people asking $400-$600 for a non-exclusive license up to $2000 for exclusive.

The games can have very simplistic gameplay, with minimal art, and yet they still ask these prices per title.

Of course there's replayability in these games, but its core gameplay is very simplistic.

I created games myself, and am wondering what to ask for them. I put in around 80-120 hours per game.

Of course, you can't determine its value by how many hours you put in. But I do feel my own games are high quality.

But I wonder, what are the factors for determing the value of your game?

Or perhaps more simply put - what do you guys charge for a (non-)exclusive title?


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A game can be simple but the question is: Is this addictive?

A game like flappy bird is simple of course but addictive. This game can hit $300, $400 even $500. Of course i'm not talking today. Its just an example.

And you for example you use the best graphics, a lot levels but your gameplay is not good. So you hit $300 or less.

So this no means, you with 120 hours of the game need to hit $500, just because you work on the game over a month and put inside the best graphics and audio.

So basically there is no any clearly answer. Of course 2019 is different with 2018 and old days.

Today clients get games under revenue share. To buy non-exclusive even exclusive licenses a client, need this game to be perfect. Perfect is graphics, gameplay, etc etc. All together.

Also, Exclusive licenses is not up to $2000. Exclusive licenses can be $2000 and $5000 and more...


On 8/6/2019 at 11:12 AM, Rudi said:

But I do feel my own games are high quality.


You can share them here:



On 8/6/2019 at 11:12 AM, Rudi said:

what do you guys charge for a (non-)exclusive title?

No one will answer this. You already know the prices. If you believe that your games hit $500 go share them with clients. If no get any answer this means, you need to change your prices or search for more clients. Good luck!


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Thanks for your reply.

I wonder though how you then determine the price if there's nothing to measure it by?

Or do you test your games with your audience (players) before selling them for 'addictiveness'?

Or perhaps you use your 'gut' and experience? I have created games but have not sold any yet.

Reason I'm asking this is because I don't want to overcharge but definitely not sell them for anything less than they are worth - obviously.

But maybe it's best to start lower with my asking price since I'm a newcomer with any publisher.

I don't mean to get revenue share for my games, I just want to sell per license. Did you mean that it's trending?

I bought TrueValhalla's eBook; he states how he asks minimum $400 and on average $600. I'm not sure if this applies to his newer games as well, as these are really high quality.


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All is experience. Don't looking for prices and best numbers. Also to read from a book you can help you but there are limits. We are in 2019. What is the best for you?

As you said you have high games, so start with high prices. Again, Even you have the simplest game you can get more than a high game.

Clients looking for gameplay. Others looking for graphics only. Others for both. Depend the client. You decide if your game and your work will sell it for $100 or $500, whatever.

Also there is not any rule out there. A game can sell it for $300 to 1 client and the same game may sell it for $500 to other. All prices coming from you and your needs.

Good luck!

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42 minutes ago, Rudi said:

I wonder though how you then determine the price if there's nothing to measure it by?

It's not so tricky ... pricing strategies usually require at least two parties interested in the same item.  In the simplest of cases the item is your time and the two parties are 1) You, 2) Employer.  For a deal to work the Employer will need to offer more than your "self-value" for your time.  You then surrender your time in exchange for their money.  Repeat, add skills & capabilities, increase self-value, increase cash buffer, increase price ... eventually, as your time begins to expire, your "self-value" will be so high (to you) that you will retire :)

TLDR; If you think it's worth $495, you're right.  But you are the Employer (who must pay the costs) until someone else thinks it's worth more.

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On 8/12/2019 at 7:24 PM, Reborned said:

Until last year I used to sell games for $500 in average. But things changed too much in 2019.

I have the impression that only True Valhalla sells licences nowadays. And I have no idea how.

I don't know, all I know is that he has a track record in this business, and is at least reasonably well known in the community. I even saw a Google Ad leading to his website!

If you type in 'buy html5 games' his websites pops up on second page in my country. If there's good and most importantly quality traffic for popular keywords like those, you're in business.

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Well, you sell the licenses for as much as you can negotiate. 

Of course it's much easier to sell a licesne for a well polished game, but I saw some totally shitty games go for lots of money. And then I saw people who bought those shitty games making way more money, cause the games got viral/popular/featured.

Try to sell your first game. Make some contacts. Learn what are they looking for. See how your game is performing. Optimise. Have some new ideas. Make another game. Try to sell that one as well. Repeat. 

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