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A question on mobile games and Phaser font problems.


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Hello everyone, I have a question on optimizing a Phaser game for mobile use. Recently I made a new game, but for now it can only be used on the Desktop. How do you optimize the game in order to place it on IOS without going on a mobile browser? I currently was thinking about using Phonegap, does anyone have any other recommendations except this one?


Also, I have been having an awkward situation with the font system for the engine. Can anyone help me with this issue? I do not want to repeat my post again, and so the post to the original, which includes source code, is down below:





Thank you all in advance. 

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If you mean wanting an iOS compatible app then I would suggest cocoonjs for both android and iOS. If you are wanting to make the game compatible even in the browser then phaser has all the stuff needed. It has the touchscreen code built-in and you can tell the game how many finger (pointers) are allowed. Like 3 finger support going up to 6. You can have all that working with:

pointer - mouse.

pointer1 - 1 finger touch

pointer 2 - 2nd finger touch

pointer 3 - 3rd finger etc etc

For screen ratios look at using the boot state for knowing the device such as:

if(this.device.iOS) { // work a certain way onscreen code here }

Hope this is helpful to you :)

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