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The site seems a bit abandoned


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I agree with you.

Also those here that didn't went with them to other forums miss the interaction with them too.

The more developers in one forum the better to everyone.

Section  Sponsors and Portals don't  have a new post for a month... the last post there is mine. 

The most recent post after mine is from August. For me that's the most important section for us that want to make a living by developing games. It's a shame see it starving.

Other sections have almost no new posts.

What do you think? Will this forum die in a near future?

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Just like @Milton said, I guess some forums got a bit more centralized into their own tech and despite of the negative impact on more generalized ones, it has some good obvious advantages.

In the last few years the entire internet seem to have bent towards more direct communication services, like Discord. I don't really know if there are any mechanisms that allows for non Discord users to make use of the information shared in their servers and that for me just sounds pathological! Forums are just wide open libraries for anyone who needs info and are easily found through a web search!

Not advising against Discord here (I use  it myself and it's great), but in my opinion the kinds of discussions we have here just seems more logical to be kept in a forum.

I guess it's just natural that a generalized forum will be put aside in favor of a more centralized, focused one. ?

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I still regularly find answers to issues I face today based on answers posted here years ago.  Not sure I can say the same for Discord?

Despite the recent drop-off I doubt this forum will close soon - the Pixi subforum remains superbly supported and the rest of the site is still good PR for Photonstorm and valuable for HTML5 game devs finding historic answers.  I understand why BabylonJS benefitted longer-term by moving, but by equal analysis Phaser moving was probably less beneficial (given their audience and game-centric goals)?

Let's all remember to make this forum what we want it to be - post design and tech questions, releases, post-mortems, searches for talent, offers of services - be original, bold and provoke great responses!


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@b10b The point is that some day all these old questions/answers will be outdated. 

Some time ago there were so much traffic that was hardnto keep up with all being published... now I can come here aone a week and even so it is fast to read all published and answer some questions. 

I hope you be right and this forum keep alive and useful for our community. 


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