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Where the party's at?


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Looks like this forum is not very lively. I was wondering, is there any other place where HTML5 devs hang out? Or maybe everyone is busy making great games.

I'm feeling pretty unmotivated lately, and it's not because of the quarantine. I thought that connecting with other developers could be of help, but I'm not sure where to do that.

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Thanks rulan! Already tried that, but I get "imposter syndrome" when I'm around big time developers, and I'm too old for beginners' channels. I guess I should look for devs on the same league I am in, even if they are outside the HTML5 realm, like the Game Maker or Godot communities. I don't know, just want to meet and share ideas, feeback and even projects with like-minded people.

Thanks for the heads up, Milton.

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