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Phaser 0.9.4 Update - Tilemap collision, renderRotation and more


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Hi all,


I've just pushed 0.9.4 live. The biggest update in this version is fully working tilemap collision (at least I hope it's fully working, but the tests work ok!)




  • Added Tilemap.getTile, getTileFromWorldXY, getTileFromInputXY
  • Added Tilemap.setCollisionByIndex and setCollisionByRange
  • Added GameObject.renderRotation boolean to control if the sprite will visually rotate or not (useful when angle needs to change but graphics don't)
  • Added additional check to Camera.width/height so you cannot set them larger than the Stage size
  • Added Collision.separateTile and Tilemap.collide
  • Fixed Tilemap bounds check if map was smaller than game dimensions
  • Fixed: Made World._cameras public, World.cameras and turned Game.camera into a getter for it (thanks Hackmaniac)
  • Fixed: Circle.isEmpty properly checks diameter (thanks bapuna)
  • Updated Gruntfile to export new version of phaser.js wrapped in a UMD block for require.js/commonJS (thanks Hackmaniac)


Also integrated lots of the issues reported on github (thanks guys, keep them coming please :)


With tilemap collision done I really need to get some basic UI in there (fonts and buttons at a minimum), carry on patching bugs as they are found and of course working on docs. For me really once the docs are finished I can consider a 1.0 release.



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Wow these updates are amazing.


I got my first "game" out using Phaser over the weekend, but now that tilemaps with collision are working, I think I might be able to update it.


What I'd really like to do is write a solid demo game, open source, that uses my Super Lemonade Factory sprites and tiles. The most helpful thing for me learning Flixel was having the Mode demo available. All of the other code snippets were helpful, but the number of times I referred to Mode to see how to do something made it a great resource.


I think with tilemaps working I'll be able to start working on this demo, once I figure out how to split classes up into separate files.



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I'd be really keen to see someone push tilemaps a bit harder than I've done, just to see what happens.


If you use Tiled to create the maps then make sure you export them in JSON format (I can't/don't want to load tfmx files natively)

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