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Has Anyone Put their Games on Kaios?


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It looked interesting, we investigated late 2019, including conversations with KaiOS HQ, but chose not to proceed.

At the time the only monetisation was in-game-ads, there was no indication of the eCPM (the territories are likely low value?), the KaiStore features were under-evolved (so discoverability would be a crap-shoot?), the hardware was bespoke requiring proprietary APIs and implementations for best effect, and HQ were unwilling to offset any risk - not even supply a $100 device.  Unlike the underlying OS and telco proposition, the games business model was entirely unoriginal in its approach and failed to impress.  In summary adding a game to KaiStore represented as much work as publishing to iOS, Android, or Facebook but without the apparent market benefits, and arguably at a higher cost (because we didn't already own a proprietary device).  Our conclusion was it's best to rely on publishing partners to pursue emerging markets like KaiOS (rather than pursue them directly) - being FirefoxOS / HTML5 this is easy for them to achieve.  Or just publish to web where anyone on any device or OS can play already!

Things may have changed since, and your mileage may vary so I'd recommend keeping an open mind nontheless.  Ultimately it depends on how you value your time and what alternatives you have available.  Good luck!

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Hi there,

My name is Justine and I work for KaiOS in the Monetization Team in Paris. I can help you if you want to develop your application for KaiStore.

First, you should have a look to our technical documentation:

This is easy / quick to port an app on KaiStore ! We improved our technology  since 2017 and we do have a eCPM now. We also work with about 20 DSPs.

Let me know if you are interested by KaiOS, I would be happy to help


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