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Howto setup Phaser in FlashDevelop


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as requested in this thread - I made a small tutorial on how to setup phaser using FlashDevelop. This tutorial is based on the fantastic phaser-project-template done by jesse freeman. A flashdevelop project template is attached to this post.
So, here we go...
Install typescript


npm install -g typescript
Install and launch FlashDevelop
This tutorial uses FlashDevelop Version 4.4.0RTM
Create a new TypeScript Project (Project->New Project->Typescript)
Create a new folder within your project called "lib"
Download Phaser
This tutorial uses Phaser0.9.5
Copy Phaser directory (including the typoscripts) to you lib-folder
Adjust project properties to compile to ES5 target
Right Click on Project Name -> Properties -> Build Tab -> add "--target ES5" to the Pre-Build Command Line textfield
Press F8 (Build project)
Open the bin/index.html in your browser
Note: if you use assets please use a web server
Hope this helps a bit.


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I went through this today and it worked great. I don't think I can use FlashDevelop for TypeScript work until they improve it, but it's really great to see it in there! I really need code completion / insight before I could switch to using it.

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No problem, glad it worked for you.


Do you mean by code completion the automatic creation of method stubs, getter/setters etc - or the IntelliSense part? If you mean the latter - did you try to press CTRL + SPACE ?




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yes ctrl + space, and more like how it was with AS3,




..., if they supported code completion and hinting and such for Typescript - I'd be very happy to switch over. ...


All I got when pressing CTRL+SPACE is the following (refer to attached screenshot). Not much - but better than nothing ;-)


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Well, it actually gives you what it says. A typed script language. And therefore, all advantages a (strong) typed language has over weak/loose typed. 


This includes for example:


  • early error catching during compile process
  • preventing of logic errors (e.g. you are always safe which type of var you proccess)
  • better support in IDEs possible, e.g.:
    •  refactoring
    • intellisense
    • ...

  • ...
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