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What do you use for HTML5 game analytics?


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Ahoy fellow game devs!


I have been using google analytics for a while, but I often find myself scratching my head when trying to answer certain questions about user behavior in games, e.g., retention / churn / funnel analysis. I was curious about what (if you use any) analytics services you use, and what the pros / cons are. 



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Right now I'm using clay.io analytics, but I'm not very happy with it lately.

For some reason I lost 50k views from one day to another. :-/


One question:


Flurry shows the websites where the traffic occurs?

Clay.io don't make this job very well too, IMO.

The most traffic goes to "others" column.

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We bit off a bit more than we can chew with regard to scaling (both technically and with the team), so analytics aren't at a state I'd like them to be. It's something we'll definitely be working on improving. 


Another good alternative not listed here is Google Analytics... obviously it wasn't developed for games specifically, but it's still very powerful.

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I used Flurry for Android only and I like it a lot (I still don't have any game in HTML in production).


With Flurry you can customize in a very ease way which events you want. I highly recommend it.


I don't know for HTML5 but for Android / iPhone it has app wall offers that you can use to (hopefully) make some money.

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Hi guys,
I'm trying to implement Flurry in my games but it not seem to be working.
Please could you help me?
I create the application in Flurry and get the API KEY.
After I put this two lines of code in the head section of my game index:
<script src="https://cdn.flurry.com/js/flurry.js"></script><script>FlurryAgent.startSession("MY_API_KEY_HERE");</script>

I'm doing it right?

I put it in the wrong place?

I need to do anything else?


Thanks for all,

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