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Collision built in Physics


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Hi Pandajs experts!
I have this 2 bodies in a world.
body1 is a rectangle.
body2 is a circle.
I also have a ground.
I want to make these 2 bodies fall in the ground.
Rectangle falls and hit the ground.
But the circle continues to fall.
this.world = new game.World(0, this.gravity);var groundBody = new game.Body({position: {x: game.system.width / 2, y: 750},collisionGroup: 0});var groundShape = new game.Rectangle(game.system.width, 100);groundBody.addShape(groundShape);this.world.addBody(groundBody);var x = game.system.width / 2;var y = 600;body = new game.Body({position: {x: x, y: y},velocityLimit: {x: 100, y: 1000},collideAgainst: 0,collisionGroup: 1,});var bodyShape = new game.Rectangle(200, 30);body.addShape(bodyShape);game.scene.world.addBody(body);body2 = new game.Body({position: {x: x, y: y},velocityLimit: {x: 100, y: 1000},collideAgainst: 0,collisionGroup: 1,});var bodyShape2 = new game.Circle();body2.addShape(bodyShape2);game.scene.world.addBody(body2);
body.mass = 1;
body2.mass = 1; 


Do you have any idea?

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I think game.Circle class has a default of 50 as its radius.


Even if I change it. It falls endlessly. :(


I think that in engine is now missing solution of hitResponse for case when collide circle with rectangle. If you will look in physics module and you focus on class game.CollisionSolver (exactly hitResponse method on line 258) you will see that there is code for collision between two rectangle bodies and two circle bodies but missing for combination of rectangle and circle body and also for line body. So probably there is your problem I think.   

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@enpu I know. I had same problem as described above @rexternberg so I made some exploration in engine code and found reason where is the problem. I'm new in HTML5  gaming so now I'm trying some HTML5 engines and I have to say that your engine is my favourite for now. Very understandable code and nice examples. Great job! 

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