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Phaser 2.0.3 Released


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Hi all,


I'm pleased to announce that we've just released Phaser 2.0.3 onto Github




In this release we have upgraded both pixi.js to v1.5.2 and p2.js to v0.5.0. This improves features and stability across the whole framework, and as always you'll find the complete list of improvements in the change log.




We've taken some time to enhance the Particle Emitter adding a few substantial features such as the ability for Particles to now change scale or alpha over time using any of the easing functions, or apply a blend mode. These small additions now allow you to create visually more impressive effects than before, and while we still have a complete overhaul of the particle system on our roadmap it's a welcome boost in the meantime.


Along with the p2.js update we have also refined the Phaser P2 classes, making tweaks that help overall performance, such as splitting the world bounds into separate bodies. The World now has a default contact material, which allows for easier setting of responses when objects collide with no materials set. All in all it's a powerful update.


What's interesting is that loads of the new features and bug fixes in this release have come direct from the community. Of course we've been busy and working hard on Phaser as well, but the volume of contributors now is fantastic. We've have always listed their names next to the issues they helped resolve, but now we're doing so with their github usernames directly so they appear on the revisions change log.


As promised with the 2.0.0 release we have done all of this without changing existing API calls in the core Phaser classes. New features are introduced either via the creation of new optional parameters or by creating new methods. Where a feature has been deprecated we have flagged it as such in the docs, but left it in so as to not break existing code.


Some of you may not be aware, but the phaser.min.js file in the build folder contains all 3 physics systems bundled in. We've refined our build process so that it's easy for you to create custom builds now via grunt, but if you know you only need Arcade Physics (and not P2 or Ninja) then you can use phaser-arcade-physics.min.js which is found in the build/custom folder. This will save you 180KB from the minified file size, so please use it if you can.


Have fun everyone :)


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Happy Birthday ! 1 year I follow the growth of this framework, and I'm really impressed by the current quality we have on lots of points.


Keep up the really good work, and also big thx to all contributors.

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Wow Congratulations. I have made a simple game, and I'm using Phaser in tutoring a student that wants to make an HTML5 game. I ran into a couple issues last night though:


When starting a new state we tried to pass an extra parameter which game.state.start and it wasn't passing properly.

We then realized we were on an old version of Phaser, but when we upgraded, the buttons stopped working...

I thought maybe we installed the buttons incorrectly, but when I tried the button examples on the Phaser example site, those buttons didn't work with 2.0.3 either.

In fact it took downgrading about 4 versions for the buttons to start working again...


Does anyone know anything about this?

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