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[pre-ALPHA] Bit Wars - a turn-based strategy where player moves terrain instead of units

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I'mworking on a new game, Bit Wars.

It's a strategic game where player move terrain instead of units. The core mechanics are tree units like paper-stone-scissors and a tree terrain types.


Sprite test:





Test latest version:

latest alpha builds at: w84death.itch.io/bit-wars


Source code: 




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seems interresting. I love the 8bits arts ;)

I think you should considere adding mouse input...


edit: well. seeing this : http://p1x.in/c, I understand better why there's no mouse input, it's totally designed for a paddle I guess :)


Your right and not. It's still alpha release. Now I must make a solid gameplay. The touch (and for that mouse) is in the pipeline (think iPad).

But overall yes, it is designed for a gamepad in mind :) OUYA is the first (after www of course) that will get this game on.

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I tried Human vs. AI and on picking a small map I got the 'click' sound repeated loads and the Chrome console went nuts with:


Uncaught InvalidStateError: Failed to set the 'currentTime' property on 'HTMLMediaElement': The element's readyState is HAVE_NOTHING.




There was a problem witch Chrome because I forgot to add .ogg files for music. Everything was patched and working fine now.


I spent yesterday evening tweaking AI. It's much smarter now. But it's not ready for public release yet. This weekend will be all about making beta version and start packing for diferent platforms.

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