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It's interesting what Hyperpixel does: Puts one Three.js particle on each pixel of the canvas, and provides get/setColor() for each particle-pixel. It's seems pretty efficient, but I'd love to see a more complete test than the only one they have (http://richardanaya.github.com/HyperPixel/). Seems more efficient than TinyC5 (based on canvas ImageData), but with just 3 functions: getColor(), setColor(), and update().


Both libraries have a strong tinyPTC inspiration, which is very cool  :)

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I just took a short look at 93 lines of code and I found a bug at line 19 and several other:
var i = (y*this.height+x)*3;
I think there should be this.width instead of height.

EDIT: I have written him an email and he fixed it.
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