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Sell Html5 game without great graphics


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I would add sounds and music to the nice grafix. Only together they make up the atmosphere of your game. If you are aiming to sell, you definitely want something catchy. Something what people are coming back to play.


Luckily more and more artists join the web in creative communities so this is not hard to achieve. There are even places where you can generate your sounds or music.

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This really is a sad part of today's gaming (mobile)market.  People with overlook great games because they haven't got the correct "sugar coated" graphics.


I don't 100% agree, I think it's only representative of the sponsor market. But as that is the one the OP wanted to enter, it definitely counts here. But there are plenty of successful indie games that don't sugar coat everything.

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Hi rich.


I was talking about the sponsor market, perhaps I didn't word my post very well.


I did quote your post "in the sponsor market graphics are king (often to the detriment of gameplay)".


As someone who would like to make a little money from the games I create it is disheartening that looks will go before what is the core of the game, the gameplay, and there is no way I can afford/willing to pay out money for art on the off chance a sponsor will sponsor the game.  But as I said thats the sad thing.


Then again I've not tried to contact a sponsor so perhaps I'm being overly harsh.

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