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ImpactPixi - Pixi.js module for Impact


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ahh , its here ;-)





(new to GIT! )


So that build works fine!


but updating pixi.js to latest version throws: 


2013-06-07 14:20:50.078 Ejecta[1556:c07] TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'this.view.addEventListener("webglcontextlost",function(t){s.handleContextLost(t)},!1)') at line 12 in pixi.js


will try the impact/pixi via ejecta when i can!

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i dabbled with the pixi impact plugin last weekend. it was cool but it broke weltmeister. luckily that game didn't need weltmeister for me to make it, but i have a couple future games that do.


i might try to fix it next week. just have weltmeister load a regular 2d canvas context if it's in weltmeister, and maybe include custom 2d canvas draw calls for any entities so they get drawn in wm.

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