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Know position of a mesh on the canvas (x,y)


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Hi everybody and welcome to my first topic in this forum !  :lol: 

Firstly, a lot of thanks for babylon's js developpers.

Secondly, I'm a french newbie in developpment, 3D and in english language, so please, use not too much complicated words :wacko: .

My question is... is there a solution to know 2D position of a 3D mesh rendered on the canvas ?

My aim is to render a sprite on the screen which represent a circle of selection around the mesh after picked it. Maybe a better solution than sprites already exists and i'm open to suggestions.


In advance, thank you for your replies  :) .

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welcome. You can pick which allows you to retrieve the item click a ground for example



var pickInfo = ground.pick(evt.clientX, evt.clientY);var x = pickInfo.pickedPoint.x;var y = pickInfo.pickedPoint.y;var z = pickInfo.pickedPoint.z;sprite.position = new BABYLON.Vector3(x, y, z);
In 2D you just need x and y
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I just tried your code dad72 and it works very well, thank you :D.

This result brings me to an other question.
I'm in a 3D scene, and i would like the sprite always render in 2D independently of the 3D scene, like a layer 'on' the canvas and not 'in' the 3D scene. Or just always make if face the camera (even if i think this method could be very difficult to make or calculate with matrices). Difficult for me to explain :unsure: sorry, but have you any idea ?

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