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[Question / Request] Ejecta Support


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Are there any plans to integrate support for Ejecta?

It's kinda JavaScript runtime for iOS with accelerated OpenGL ES backend for Canvas2D. HTML5 Apps are running at near native speed in iOS.

This would be really cool  :)


Developing HTML5 Games with Phaser and run them on an iOS at full speed without the need of WebKit / UIWebView.

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Thanks for the info.

I just had a quick look and modified the 'css3D' and 'touch' check. Ejecta can't create dynamic HTML Elements besides Canvases.

But then I hit a bigger wall. It seems that Phaser loads Images as a Base64 Data-URL which won't work in Ejecta.



I'm going to write a patch file for phaser.js which gets loaded after Phaser and modifies some parts to be compatible with Ejecta. Tinker time.

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Also worth looking into:




Intel XDK (previously AppMobi)




Each of these has a similar concept - converting canvas into GL code to produce native apps.  They also do Android as well, so you aren't just limited to iOS / Xcode as with Ejecta.  I haven't tried them with Phaser (yet), but hope to try out Cocoon within the next week.

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Yes, they ported it to their platform.  I used quotes around 'compile' because it's a loose definition.  They used their toolchain to build an apk for distribution in the Google Play market.  The point is, if you have a game written with Phaser, you can modify (port) the code to work with GameClosure's tools and create a native iOS or Android app.  

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