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Found 11 results

  1. It would be nice to have Panda 2 editor to be able to export to Cordova, Ejecta or similar frameworks.
  2. I have a project I need to port to Apple TV which limits me to Ejecta. From the digging I've done it seems people have managed to get them hacked together in the past, I was wondering if anyone had gotten them to work recently and if so could give me some pointers.
  3. Hi, I use ejecta to build my game to native xcode, and all was working ok. My question is because I need to implemente a third party native xcode api to the game, so, I need to get some way my score, and send it to this api. so, my question is, is possible some way, I can create a native objC var and set it with my score var from my javascript game?, or it simple impossible? Really thanks guys!.
  4. Hi there, I'm working on the port of a webgl app using Babylon and Ejecta. It seem that i've a z-buffer issue but I don't know if the problem is from Babylon or from Ejecta. I made a video that you can watch here which show you the problem. I tested different configurations with camera projection (minZ and maxZ) but it hasn't solved my problem. Have you an idea ? In fact I don't know where to start to debug this issue. Thanks for your answers Yann.
  5. Hello guys, I started a "30 days project" called Mural a month ago, and it reaches the first playable version. The project is designed as an HTML5 game wrapper for desktop platforms, including Windows and OSX, following the idea of Ejecta. It's originally a JavaScript port of Love2D, but changed significantly after a few days of coding since I prefer HTML5 API After a month of development some of the most useful APIs implemented, including simple path stroke, fill and drawImage. The reason that I write this thing from scratch is that Node-webkit is too fat as a wrapper. I just want to package a simple game and share it with my friends, sending a browser to him which sounds really crazy. NW is swiss knife for webapps and ambition large scale games which requires a much stable and featured environment instead of a GJ demo. The whole repo is host in Github and I'm still working hard to make it better. Any help is welcomed Plz drop me a line, I'm glad to hear from you PS. executable files attached, you're free to hack the scripts inside and have fun. (for OSX the scripts are located inside app bundle). The drawing script is from Core HTML5 Canvas examples and slightly modified. Mural Mural
  6. Hi everybody ! I am searching a native performance wrapper for canvas based games on Android since long time. For the time being I only knew 3 ways (solutions allowing to use an existing code without having to change anything): CocoonJs, Ejecta-X et Intel XDK. The better being CocoonJs. But because I don't like: - Being dependent of a platform: the day they change the version, if this version introduce some bugs in your games, you cannot re-build anything until they fixed it. - Being unable to create custom native plugins. - Being unable to remove the splash screen. Last week, as I was searching for nth time an alternative, I fell on Crosswalk ( I think I already found this long time ago but I was not really impressed by the project, was afraid by the installation steps and was not too much into Android. But let's come to the point: as far as I have been able to test, performances are awesome! I tested only one game so far (a canvas 2d only) and here is how it's performing: + Galaxy S2: same speed as CocoonJs with a faster boot. + According to a friend who tested for me on a "Nexus 7 KitKat", an "Xperia 4.0.4" and a "Galaxy S3 4.1.2" : faster than the CocoonJs version - Sound effects seems to be very low on my S2, I forgot to ask to my friend for his devices That's it... would be awesome if somebody else could try to confirm or refute my conclusions. Installation is still a little pain in the a**. The biggest problem I got was to get the "adb" command line to work, but that's not really related to crosswalk, just an Android SDK stuff. But if you are like me an "Ejecta on iOS and CocoonJs on Android" guy, I think it's worth to try!
  7. Hello everyone, I'm newbie with Phaser and I am trying to run it with Ejecta, but it fails on the iPhone: Error: Phaser.Game - cannot create Canvas or WebGL context, aborting. at line 13428 in phaser.js This is the basic code: ejecta.include('phaser.js'); var w = window.innerWidth; var h = window.innerHeight; var game = new Phaser.Game(w, h, Phaser.AUTO, 'canvas', { preload: preload, create: create, update: update }); function preload() { game.load.image('box', 'assets/box.png'); } function create() { game.add.sprite(200, 200, 'box'); } function update() { } I'm much appreciated if someone show me a simple demo. Sorry for my english. Thank you
  8. Hey guys, we are JS/HTML5 developers with a focus on webapplications for SME. We are well experienced in frameworks like jQuery or Bootstrapp, but we do have limited knowledge about frameworks for mobile applications running on smart devices. Here is our case: We want to code a 2D game which needs to support swipe events (no multi touch needed) and in first instance we will run the game on iOS devices. The performance needs to be fast, because we want to implement a timer running down (comparable to "Timberman"). We do have experience with PhoneGap and IntelXDK, but both solutions seemed to be very slow while testing our first draft. We found ejecta and pixi.js on the internet as possible alternatives. What we bascially need is an easy game engine for 2D games, something that supports touch / swipe events and a wrapper for our HMTL/JS files to include them into xcode. I hope you guys can help us Cheers from Germany! Michael
  9. A couple of weeks ago I made the Flappy Bird Typing Tutor which went fairly crazy on the internets. It was all JavaScript/Canvas so I decided to take the code and attempt a "perfect clone" for the iPhone, via the awesome Ejecta project. The result is pretty good (for a Flappy Bird Clone) and I learnt a lot in the process of copying all the small details. I wrote up a long-winded, slightly hyperbolic article about it too. The game is up on the App Store now for free, but thanks to the wonders of HTML5 it's in the browser too. Annnd, all the code is on GitHub if you're interested.
  10. Are there any plans to integrate support for Ejecta? It's kinda JavaScript runtime for iOS with accelerated OpenGL ES backend for Canvas2D. HTML5 Apps are running at near native speed in iOS. This would be really cool Developing HTML5 Games with Phaser and run them on an iOS at full speed without the need of WebKit / UIWebView.
  11. Hi all, Sorry to start with a game showcase (well, actually two) on my first forum post, but I guess a lot of guys are looking at this forum to see what others are doing and so thought I'd jump right in! I'm posting on behalf of Wizcorp, a Tokyo-based startup specializing in the development of HTML5 mobile social games. We started life as a consultancy and have collaborated with some pretty big companies including GREE and Capcom, but recently decided to self-publish a couple of puzzle games which we developed for iOS as free-to-play titles on the App Store. And so without further ado, here they are: Celulo is a challenging and addictive puzzle game in which players must link the titular Celulos in order to create a circuit connecting the sides of the board. The longer and more complex the circuit, the more points they are awarded. Gameplay trailer: App Store link: Tiki Takoo - Paradise Island is a simple yet addictive puzzle game in which players must eradicate the colorful Bad Tikis by finding the sequence shown at the top of the screen. As the game progresses, the sequences become longer and tougher to find, and players can get bonus points by making combos, using Power-ups or activating Fever Mode. Gameplay trailer: App Store link: In terms of the tech behind the games, both were created using a combination of HTML5 and a number of other tools. The core of the client was written in Canvas and accelerated by the Ejecta framework, giving the games superior reactivity and speed which we believe not only matches but exceeds that of many native apps. This was then wrapped in PhoneGap, enhanced by a handful of homemade and open-source plugins to offer functions such as in-app purchases, Facebook and GameCenter connectivity. On the server side, we chose to use the Node.js platform coupled with Couchbase for data storage, both made easily programmable with the help of Wizcorp’s own proprietary server framework, MAGE. Please take a look at the games and let us know what you think. I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have, technical or otherwise. Cheers! Mark