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System requirements for Babylon.js


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I think that could be a good idea to put on the README system requirements for babylon engine.
Minimum configuration and system requirements. It is a question that my summer ask, but I do not know well what to answer.
  • Processor  : DualCore or Quadcore I5

  • Memory  : 1 Go (32 bits) ou 4 Go (64 bits)

  • Hard disk : 3 Go Min

  • Graphics card : Nvidia GTX 260 ou ATI HD 4870

  • Operating system : Windows XP, Vista, Seven, 8 and Linux and Mac

  • Browser :   Internet explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera, Safarie.


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Babylon.js has been made to run on any WebGL compatible devices. There is no real minimum configuration. It depends on the type of content you'll display. It's not like a game on PC. For instance, any machine could display a rotating cube, even a little smartphone. But you'll need a more recent GPU to display our Hill Valley scene. It really depends.

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Ah, ok. Thanks Davrous. because someone has pointed out to me that it turned a 30 fps with an old computer, I have a pretty good setup and I'm still a 60 fps (avec Hill Valley scene, je suis a 60PFS)


So I think that having a good graphics card allows to have a scene less lag.

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Hi @SomeT and welcome to the forum. Graphics are rendered on the client side using the gpu. What sort of problems are you anticipating? Weekends can be slow to get answers so you might have to wait for answers from users who use servers to host their games.

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I figured pretty fast that an increasing level of detail goes along with the need for a proper GPU.

Talking about the warehouse planning tool me and my coworkers are working on, there´s no way to

get along with bigger planning scenarios with thousands of racks and pallets ...

Got myself a new laptop with a GTX 1080 inside, though. ?


BR, Markus

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