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Pixi.js Now draws primitives (webGL and canvas)

Mat Groves

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Hello everyone!


I just pushed a big fat pixi.js update on to the dev branch on github. Todays new feature is the PIXI.Graphics object. Its very similar to the flash graphics object and allows you to draw primitive shapes and lines. The cool thing is, is the webGL and Canvas implementations should both look exactly the same (not the easiest task thats for sure!)




More info on how the graphics object was made can be found here if ya fancy:




I hope you find the new feature useful!



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Hmmm something is strange. My engine doesn't work with the new Pixi-Dev.


I've try to put new lib in the exemple 11 and example doesn't work too  :(  No error msg, no view in screen. (only Tilling texture working)


Thanks for the heads up! I will look into that, are you testing on PC?

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