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DisplayObjectContainer and interactivity


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When i do this : 
this.myCont.setInteractive(true);this.myCont.hitArea = new PIXI.Rectangle(0, 0, 20, 20); 


My container doesn't take the hitArea coords.
myCont contain some object and his size is approximatively 64*96.
I can't get hit at 0, 0, 20, 20 only ^^


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Hmmm something else  :wacko:


If you i do this :

var test = new PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer();// Add some drawing to test...var otherObject = new PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer();var graphics = new PIXI.Graphics();graphics.beginFill(0xFFFFFF, 0.5);graphics.lineStyle(1, 0x000000, 0.5);graphics.drawRect(20, -90, 32, 90);otherObject.addChild(graphics);test.addChild(otherObject);
​/* ############# Here the "problem"​*/ #####// If i do this, the children is visible again (in Chrome | but it's ok with Opéra Next)otherObject.visible = false;// I do that to fix itotherObject.visible = false;otherObject.getChildAt(0).visible = false; 
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oh! yes, again good catch!


This is exactly why the dev branch is so useful, it lets us hammer out the bugs before pushing to the main branch :)


I will fix and then give ya a shout when it is done


If you find anymore little issues let me know and we will get them nailed too.



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As far as the hitArea question goes, can you give a bit more context than just that code? Did you change the anchor of the sprite?


I've been trying to reproduce the issue you are having, but I cannot. The only thing I can think of is there is something that I am missing in the large context of your code. A minimal example that exhibits the issue is the most useful.

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I try to set an hit area less huge than the image size.


y image : 64-96px

this.myCont.hitArea = new PIXI.Rectangle(10, 10, 20, 50);


And i can't reduce the size of hitArea.


Other question, can we use a Polygon to set the hitArea?

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Yes you can use a polygon to set the hitArea:


this.myCont.hitArea = new PIXI.Polygon([   new PIXI.Point(/* first point */),   new PIXI.Point(/* second point */),   new PIXI.Point(/* third point */),   new PIXI.Point(/* fourth point */),   new PIXI.Point(/* fifth point */)]);


Again, I have been trying to reproduce the issue you have, and I cannot. Can you give me a page where it is broken (minimal code to reproduce the bug is the most helpful).

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Hm, i'm sorry but i have try too and cannot get it... I do in 1 week ago :s


That's great for polygon but you forgot the []


// hitArea for isometric TilesTile.hitArea = new PIXI.Polygon([new PIXI.Point(64, 32),new PIXI.Point(128, 64),new PIXI.Point(64, 96),new PIXI.Point(0, 64)]);
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Here you go @rolnaaba - this doesn't work on the latest PIXI build - regardless of where you click it still registers the click:


var doc = new PIXI.DisplayObjectContainer();        doc.hitArea = new PIXI.Rectangle(0, 0, 10, 10);        var mc = new PIXI.MovieClip([            PIXI.Texture.fromImage("img/BadGuys_03.png")        ]);        doc.setInteractive(true);        doc.click = function () {            console.log('clicked');        };        doc['addChild'](mc);        this.gameScene['addChild'](doc);
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Hy people,

I'm try to use hitArea in spine object, but I can not!  :unsure:

 See the code below.


spine = new PIXI.Spine("../content/animations/page2/boy.json");
//Set to page scale;
spine.scale.x = spine.scale.y = scale;
//Get the size in layout;
spine.position.x = $('#page-2').offset().left + origialX + (70*scale)/2 + 240;
spine.position.y = 274 + (104*scale)/2;
//Set the current Animation
spine.state.setAnimationByName("Idle", true);
// make the button interactive..
spine.hitArea = new PIXI.Rectangle(0,0,100000, 100000);
// set the mousedown and touchstart callback..
spine.mousedown = spine.touchstart = function(data){



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