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WebGL water


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Well, in fact, you can do it with babylon.js if you'd like to. Simply extract the shaders being used to incorporate them into our engine using the custom materials like we're demoing into CYOS: http://www.babylonjs.com/cyos


You can learn more about that in David's article: http://blogs.msdn.com/b/eternalcoding/archive/2014/04/17/learning-shaders-create-your-own-shaders-with-babylon-js.aspx

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I don't know if anyone has viewed this WebGL fluid generator, but it's valuable to open up the controls and look at the particle attributes.  If you want to further understand how these attributes work together, adjust the parameters and move the sphere.  It's also valuable to view the simulation by clicking the bottom checkbox labeled "show simulation."  This is the best controllable WebGL fluid simulator I've seen yet.


Here's the link to copy into your browser:





For another example (I'm sure many have seen), the following is excellent, but doesn't demonstrate what the characteristics are in creating fluids - but well worth viewing if you haven't seen this:





My understanding of particle fluids, ray tracing, caustics, etc. came from Dynamation (bought by Alias and then Autodesk), but I recommend downloading a trial version of Maya for free, and building a fluid simulation in Maya.  I've seen several fluid tutorials online.  This will provide practically anyone with a fairly good understanding of particle fluids.  It's all very doable now in BabylonJS.


Have fun!


David B.

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