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Game popunder ad


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Most sigs are adverts of one kind or another. So long as they aren't blatantly massive / abusive I don't really care.


His are most definitely blatantly massive and abusive. There is about 5 short sentences of content and 2 giant sparkling ads I have to scroll through, I generally actively avoid threads he is on so I don't have to look at them spam the page all the time. Even that broadside banner is pushing the size limitations imo.

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They are definitely not 'abusive' in that they don't breach the forum AUP in any way.


For me they appear as a single 60px high strip, but I guess if you have a low res / narrow browser they would stack up on each other.


I don't believe we've ever set maximum signature dimensions. 120px doesn't seem that extreme if we did though. I may put it to a poll.

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first, its not really nice to speak in third person when someone can read the post, you still have pm and can tell someone that his/her/it banner isnt nice and ask to alter the sig


second, i found the size i saw (the 60 px rich mentioned) totally okay but i dont like animated sigs either, the same count for avatars.

the reason here is that i like to read static text and dont want anything moving that is catching my eye while reading


back to topic:

i dont like the idea of an popunder cause its really aweful in websites too so it wont do better in games :)

still prefer fake loadingscreens with centered slightly agressive ads that are easily to click (maybe by making the whole view clickable)

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