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How to: obtain & install a "local web server" for Pandajs?


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win7 x64

I took the Mongoose approach, but the screencast install is for npm-node.

Is there one for github ?

I put mongoose here: C:\Mongoose. Where should panda be located?

See PandaInstall.png below.


When I click on  panda/index.html,  there is only a large black image showing in Chrome.  


Where should I put panda Folder. Inside of c:\mongoose  ?


1) Also, how do I connect  panda with mongoose?  

2) Mongoose is just required for creating panda games, right?

3) After  panda01.html project  is completed ,

and the  panda01.html  game  is located on my website,

the game player doesn't need to have access to panda itself, right?



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Hi vmars316


Yup, Mongoose is only required when testing your game locally (not published to the web). Once it's online, it's not needed anymore.


Take your Mongoose exe file (the one with the yellow icon) and paste it inside the panda folder next to the index.html file.


Double click it and the rest should be easy :)

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sometimes you need PHP for your games (say to save stats or leaderboards or user logins etc...).


I'm saying that PHP has a lightweight integrated web server and you don't need a full WAMP environment to run a webserver. Mongoose is very nice but the free version only includes the web server (no PHP).


I'm just proposing a lightweight alternative.

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