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Looking for a Phaser 2.x developers for Flash game conversions.


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I am looking for HTML5 developers to assist in the conversion of flash games into Phaser-based HTML5 games.  During the conversions there will be some minor changes made, including support for mobile devices and minor gameplay updates.  The developers would be working with myself to complete the project.  The games, from a programming standpoint, range from simple to somewhat tricky, so I am looking for creative developers that can come up with novel solutions to difficult problems.  This is paid work.




Flash CS6 or CC

The native files and file assets are in .fla format.  In addition we are using the sprite sheet generation functionality of newer versions of Flash to create sprite atlases for our assets, which is necessary for keeping the texture sizes under control.



Our games use AJAX to connect to our website API, so a basic knowledge of AJAX is preferred.



We use Git for source code management, so I am looking for someone familiar with how to use it.


Phaser 2.x 

This is essential.  We've already completed the conversion process with several games and created a standard workflow and template based around Phaser, so there's no going back ;)  I would like to find someone already adept with Phaser that can dive right in.  However, if you have a lot of experience with other JavaScript frameworks (like ImpactJS), experience making games, and a strong portfolio you will definitely be considered highly.


To be considered please send your portfolio, resume (if you have one), and typical rates to [email protected]


From there I will email you with a link/credentials to take a look at the games in question and we can discuss timeline/prices.


Thank you guys!

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