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Flying Dog CocoonJS build - graphics issue on low-end Android devices


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First of all thanks a lot for this wonderful game engine.


I have created a modified version of Flying Dog demo as part of my HTML5 game development learning. I have published the game on Google Play with a CocoonJS android build for testing. Now, there is an issue found during the game play. The graphics becomes white cubes after playing for some time on some mid-low end devices (eg. Samsung Galaxy Tab 2). Then I tried it with the original demo. The issue is there with the original demo as well.


Could you please look into this issue when you get time? 


Details of the test deployment can be found here: http://www.oryzat.com


Thanks and Regards,

Paulson George








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Hi @palsgames


I've learned from numerous sources that the best way to design you graphics, is to start with a base resolution of 480x320 (low end devices), the provide higher res assets for hd devices .... etc @2x (960x640), @4x (1920x1280)


This way the device loads the graphics it can handle.


I'm not sure if Flying Dog was designed this way. I think it's an example made for the web, but I could be wrong.

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Android version is 4.1.2


May be the sprite image size is causing the issue. I have an understanding from few sources that there is a limit to the image size in some medium-high end devices. (ref: http://blog.ludei.com/cocoonjs-the-advanced-survival-guide/). Any idea?

You mean the https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ekelokorpi/flyingdog/master/media/sprites.png spritesheet? It's dimensions are under 2048x2048 which I believe is the guaranteed minimum max texture size, and the both dimensions are also evenly divisible by 16 allowing a few mipmaps levels to be created (if the hardware supports mipmapping on NPOT textures; note PowerVR performance guide recommends both dimensions be divisible by 32 if possible to avoid slightly slower texture upload, but I doubt that has any relevance on a game like this)


I'd be guessing more that you might be rendering with WebGL and losing your context, but not detecting it as lost/restored and thus not re-uploading your spritesheet texture... but that's a wild stab in the dark

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That was a wild guess from my side. As chg has pointed out, the sprite image is within the minimum max texture size. I'm totally new to game development and mobile app development. I'm a .Net Web App developer, learning HTML5 game dev for mobile devices. It will be highly appreciative if you people could guide me on debugging thse kind of issues (especially on mobile devices).




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