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What language should I learn?


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Hello boys and girls!


It's my first post here :)


I am webmaster for many years, I know HTML and CSS. Now I'm learning jQuery and I would like to do something different then "just" websites... for exmaple games.


So my qestion is: Is HTML5 + CSS3 + jQuery is enought? Or should I start learning some other language too?


(and yes I knot that html and css are not real programing languages :P )

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 Now I'm learning jQuery 



jQuery is actually just a JavaScript library, not its own language.

Maybe the first thing you could do is learn more about JavaScript; it's an extremely useful and practical language.

Yes, HTML + CSS + JavaScript is all you need to start learning to make games.

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Learn JavaScript or something like TypeScript. Also, when look for an engine to build your game on, you should visit this site (real life speed comparison of different engines, including Phaser): http://jsbreakouts.org . If you target mobile, have a look at the Quintus engine, its performance is best when looking on the examples (view examples on iOS & Android, desktop shouldn't be a clue). Hope that helps.

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revisiting this one. strongly feel one should learn javascript, then move up to more abstract ones like Typescript. That is, if you're doing frontend work.

Don't forget to learn some backend coding too. Pick up something basic like nodejs (it's still JS, after all).

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I suppose that typescript might be a bit overwhelming at first but definitely pick it up if you are confident enough. I would start, as other people pointed out, with JavaScript then dive into theory about the single page apps concept which is also used in many games (one index and routing/state-management being handled using javascript). This might be a bit confusing in the beginning for a website dev. If you've covered that then I would look into build systems, like gulp, grunt or webpack. This to see how you can manage dependencies et cetera. If you also want to do some server-related programming I'd look at nodejs.

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