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Looking for a Phaser.js Development Team!


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I have just done a game jam over the last 2 days and I am looking to carry on creating games with someone. I feel that working in a team is vital these days and I really would like to work with some other people. If you know Phaser.js I would love to team up with you to make some games and possibly make some profit off GameJolt.com.

I would probably be working with Git for managing code but don't feel that you need to be a pro Git expert to ask to team up!

Contact me on skype for information: lucamarchal

Website: www.codeluca.com

Game Jam Game I just did: www.codeluca.com/bacongamejam/

Thanks for looking at this!


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Hello I'am interested to find new dev join our team, Since LD31,


The team grow with a new graphic guy maby 2 (one in usa, other in ukrain)

the core team is 2 frenchs (dev and musician) and a blender french artiste in support.


Currently we need more PhaserJs dev. 

One new is in testing.


Now we need dev who are ready to cross the normal line.

We Do phaserJS with coffeescript and the server side is in ruby.


Beginner are accepted. There only one rule accept to deal with various

tools and hard learning curve, and like the 'continual improvement process'.

The price off it is you will be stronger of the average after few months.


we used to  be remote and love to do remote pair programming.



if you think i am crasy




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