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  1. Hi, We are close to finishing version 2.0 of our free MIT open-source cross-platform 2-D Web video game engine. This Web game engine was built from the ground up by my team and I. (Web game engine runs both on Itch/NewGrounds sites and also locally) You can play the demo game and download the entire project source code on Itch below: https://jesseleepalser.itch.io/t-crisis-v Game is cross-platform as well and currently runs on: - Windows 10/11 Internet browsers - Linux Internet browsers - macOS Internet browsers - Android mobile Internet browsers * iOS mobile has problems(but we are working to fix) Enjoy! Jesse
  2. Effectively monetizing your Android game can be a complex journey to navigate. While generating revenue is essential, making mistakes in the process can result in the loss of players. While many provide tips for successful Android game monetization, it's equally crucial to understand the pitfalls to avoid. Let's delve into the answers to these challenges. In this blog post, I will discuss eight prevalent Android game monetization mistakes and offer insights on how to sidestep them, ensuring a smoother path to success in game publishing. 1. Lack of a Monetization Plan One major blunder game developers often commit is plunging into game development without a clear Android game monetization plan. Before delving into coding, contemplate how you plan to generate income—whether through ads, in-game purchases, or a premium pricing model. A well-thought-out monetization strategy will guide your decisions throughout the development process. 2. Relying Solely on a Single Monetization Method Depending on a single monetization strategy is a significant error. Diversify your revenue streams by incorporating in-game ads, in-game purchases, and premium versions. Experiment with these options to determine what resonates best with your audience. Hybrid strategies, such as offering a "No Ads" option for users willing to pay to eliminate ads, can significantly boost revenue. 3. Premature Monetization Efforts Although having a monetization strategy is crucial, it's equally important to identify the right time to implement it. Premature monetization attempts can alienate your player base. Instead, focus initially on creating an enjoyable gaming experience, understanding your users, and gradually introducing monetization as player engagement grows. 4. Pushy In-Game Purchase Tactics Balancing offers and not bombarding players with constant purchase prompts is essential. Overly aggressive in-game purchase strategies can lead to a poor player experience and potential uninstallations. Ensure that in-game purchases enhance gameplay without becoming a hindrance. 5. Neglecting Competitor Analysis Failing to analyze competitors can be a costly oversight. Study similar Android games to understand their monetization strategies, user engagement tactics, and overall success. Learn from their successes and failures to enhance your own Android game monetization strategy. 6. Unawareness of Policy Violations Being unaware of practices leading to policy violations can jeopardize in-game monetization. Stay informed about policies governing ad placements, formats, and content to avoid potential issues like ad limitations or removal from app stores. 7. Ignoring Ad Quality Ad quality is paramount. Poor-quality, intrusive ads can frustrate players and harm the overall user experience. Partner with reputable ad networks to ensure relevant and non-disruptive ads that contribute positively to the gaming experience. 8. Random Ad Displays Strategically plan the placement of ads in your Android gaming app. Randomly displaying ads without considering user engagement can be counterproductive. Place ads strategically during natural breaks in the game to avoid interrupting the gaming experience. In conclusion, successful Android game monetization requires careful planning, adaptability, and a player-centric approach. Avoiding these eight common mistakes is crucial for building a loyal and satisfied player community while achieving financial success. Remember, a balanced approach to Android game monetization, coupled with an exceptional gameplay experience, is key to long-term success in the gaming industry.
  3. Within the dynamic landscape of the gaming industry, various innovations have revolutionized the gaming experience. Among these advancements, LiveOps stands out as a crucial element that has reshaped the game monetization process. LiveOps seamlessly integrates development, operations, and real-time player engagement. This article explores the essentials of LiveOps, discusses its significance in the gaming sector, and outlines some of the most effective LiveOps practices for optimizing outcomes. Understanding LiveOps LiveOps, short for Live Operations, refers to updates or modifications introduced to a game while it is live. It enables the correction of glitches or bugs during the game's progression, eliminating the need for a new upgraded version. By continuously adding upgrades, LiveOps enhances user retention and increases engagement rates. Evolution of LiveOps In the past, the concept of LiveOps was impractical with traditional gaming consoles, as fixing bugs during gameplay was challenging. The shift from physical discs to digital platforms, however, enabled LiveOps to evolve from bug fixes to a customer-centric service, improving user experience and facilitating game monetization. Symbiosis of Gaming and LiveOps LiveOps has significantly enhanced gaming experiences, contributing to the success of online games. According to the 2023 State of Mobile Gaming report by Sensor Tower, games with LiveOps generate 30 times more revenue than those without. LiveOps fosters a sense of community among players through direct engagement, crucial for the success of mobile games relying on retention and in-app purchases. Advantages of LiveOps for Developers and Publishers LiveOps has become an integral part of mobile games, providing numerous benefits for app developers. This section outlines LiveOps's role in user acquisition, player retention, increased engagement, monetization opportunities, and iterative game development. Community Building LiveOps in mobile games facilitates seamless communication between players and developers, fostering a positive relationship by addressing player feedback swiftly. Types of LiveOps LiveOps takes various forms to encourage users to return, engage, or re-engage with an app. The six primary forms include introducing new content, time-sensitive events, in-app purchase bundles, enhanced user support, A/B testing capabilities, and in-app promotions. Selecting the Right LiveOps Tool Choosing the appropriate LiveOps tool is crucial for effective game monetization. Developers and publishers should consider factors such as compatibility with the game engine technology stack, features, ease of integration, robust analytics, scalability, and integration with multiple monetization solutions. Top 4 LiveOps Tools While numerous LiveOps tools are available, developers should familiarize themselves with the top four: Unity Analytics PlayFab Firebase Photon Challenges Associated with LiveOps Despite its benefits, LiveOps poses some challenges, including increased development time, data privacy concerns, and technical complexity. Key Takeaways In navigating the ever-changing gaming landscape, game developers should recognize the significance of LiveOps as a strategy to distinguish themselves, engage players, and optimize monetization. From sustained engagement to data-driven decision-making, LiveOps serves as a catalyst for an unparalleled gaming experience, shaping the future of gaming for those who integrate it into their monetization strategy.
  4. PubScale - Empowering Game Developers: More Revenue, Less Hassle. Website: https://pubscale.com/ PubScale helps game developers to monetize their games. In the ever-evolving world of game development, game creators seek a reliable and effective solution to monetize their hard work and acquire users for their games. That's where PubSale steps in, providing game developers with a cutting-edge platform designed to maximize profits while minimizing the complexities of monetization. Why PubSale? 1. Streamlined Monetization: PubSale simplifies the monetization journey, offering a range of user-friendly tools and features that make the process of turning game creations into revenue a straightforward one. 2. Diverse Monetization Options: Recognizing that different games have different needs, PubSale provides a variety of monetization options. These include native ads, offerwall, and more, granting developers the flexibility to choose what aligns best with their game. 3. Developer-Centric Approach: PubSale is thoughtfully designed with game developers in mind. It provides the tools and resources necessary for success while keeping developers in control. PubSale doesn't just offer a service; it offers a partnership. 4. Support and Guidance: PubSale stands with developers at every step of the monetization process, offering support and guidance to help navigate its complexities. Its team of experts is readily available to answer questions and provide insights to ensure success. Features and Benefits: 1. Intuitive Dashboard: The platform's user-friendly dashboard allows developers to effortlessly manage their monetization strategies, consolidating game performance, revenue, and user engagement data in one place. 2. Data-Driven Insights: PubSale equips developers with in-depth analytics and reports, empowering them to make informed decisions, understand user behavior, optimize monetization strategies, and boost revenue. 3. Ad Integration: Developers can seamlessly incorporate ads into their games using PubSale's ad monetization options. They have the freedom to choose from various ad formats and networks to maximize ad revenue. Offerings In-game advertising - Immersive Ads Offerwall Google AdX
  5. The gaming industry is booming, and crafting a captivating game is only the first step to success. Mobile game promotion is the key to achieving recognition, attracting users, and boosting revenue. This article explores the significance of promoting mobile games and dives into the best strategies for successful game marketing. 1. Understanding Your Audience: Commencing with identifying target demographics, collecting data on age, gender, location, and interests is crucial. Analyzing player behavior, motivations, and preferences helps tailor promotion messages and strategies. Developing detailed user personas and conducting market research to understand competition and trends further enhances audience understanding. 2. Pre-Launch Preparation: Creating a visually appealing and unique game is paramount. Prioritize a smooth user experience by eliminating bugs and glitches, conducting A/B testing, and gathering feedback from a controlled group of gamers. Optimize app descriptions for keywords to convey the game's essence effectively. 3. Leverage In-Game Advertising: Strategically placing non-intrusive immersive ads within the gaming environment is a powerful monetization strategy. Rewarded video ads, interstitial ads, offerwalls, and native ads contribute to enhanced user engagement and increased ad revenue. 4. Host In-Game Events and Tournaments: Special events create excitement and anticipation among players, fostering a sense of community. Introducing challenges themed around holidays or milestones provides novelty, while competitions and tournaments tap into the competitive spirit, encouraging player participation. 5. Encourage User-Generated Content (UGC): Promote player creativity by encouraging fan art and sharing gameplay videos. UGC fosters a deeper emotional connection to the game, amplifies visibility on social media platforms, and provides valuable insights for newcomers. 6. Cross-Promote Within Your App Portfolio: Incentivize players to explore other games in your portfolio by offering rewards. Exclusive content and discounts on in-game purchases encourage engagement across multiple titles, resulting in increased playtime and overall ecosystem engagement. 7. Implement a Refer-a-Friend Program: Turn players into promoters through refer-a-friend programs, leveraging word-of-mouth acquisition. Offering enticing rewards for referrals creates organic growth as potential new players are introduced through trusted sources. 8. Run Apple Search Ads: Leverage Apple's App Store Search Ads to connect with users searching for relevant keywords. Cost-effective and performance-oriented, these ads provide detailed metrics to track campaign success. 9. Set up Google App Campaigns: Utilize Google App Campaigns to advertise across Google's platforms, reaching a broad audience. Automated optimization ensures efficient ad campaigns. 10. Post-Launch Maintenance and Support: Respond promptly to bug reports, release updates, and expand the game with new content to retain player interest. Maintain open communication through in-game notifications, email newsletters, and social media announcements. Importance of Promoting Gaming Apps: Standing Out in a Crowded Market: Avoid getting lost among countless competing titles. Attracting and Retaining Players: Encourage trial and ongoing engagement through promotions. Building a Strong Brand Identity: Establish credibility, trust, and loyalty among players. Maximizing ROI: Ensure investments in development pay off through increased visibility. Staying Relevant and Exciting: Regular promotion maintains game relevance and player interest. Conclusion: Mobile game promotion is an ongoing commitment to players, ensuring long-term success. The strategies outlined here serve as pillars to unlock the potential of your game in the dynamic world of mobile gaming.
  6. Greetings, cosmic pioneers and space enthusiasts! Embark on a thrilling space adventure with AgeOfSpace, a cutting-edge browser-based strategy game that takes interstellar conquest to new heights. Designed for accessibility, you can experience the excitement of cosmic domination from any computer or mobile device—all for free! Key Features of AgeOfSpace: 🌐 Browser-Based Adventure: No downloads, no installations. Immerse yourself in the vastness of space directly from your web browser. 📱 Play Anywhere, Anytime: Whether you're on a computer or a mobile device, AgeOfSpace lets you command your empire from the palm of your hand. 🚀 Strategic Depth: Delve into resource management, fleet construction, and diplomacy in a dynamic universe. 🌠 Expansive Exploration: Discover uncharted planets, engage in epic battles, and expand your cosmic influence. 🛠️ Constant Evolution: AgeOfSpace is in constant development, with new features enhancing your gaming experience regularly. 🤝 Join the Galactic Community: Connect with players globally, form alliances, and share in the camaraderie of the spacefaring community. Ready to Begin Your Space Odyssey? AgeOfSpace is not just a game; it's a limitless journey into the cosmos. Start playing for free now! 🌟 AgeOfSpace.net Unleash your strategic prowess and conquer the stars in AgeOfSpace—wherever you are!
  7. I'd like to join game dev team. I have rich experience in Pixi.js, Babylon.js and Three.js. So look forward to hearing from you.
  8. I am new to html5 games. I wanna know what LACKS in HTML5 games in terms of revenue ? Can you monetize html5 games with banners and interestitial ads as ANDROID GAMES DOES ? Is there a possibility of implementing IAP or rewarded videos like ANDROID ? Do u thing that using webview that host an HTML5 game in ANDROID and use all these forms of ads above is a good idea ?
  9. I offer a captivating suite of advergames tailored for bars, restaurants, coffee shops, donuts shops, pizzerias, and bakeries to engage your customers in a fun and interactive way. The games are seamlessly integrated with a leaderboard and utilized to promote businesses and services enhancing customer engagement with brands. No downloads required - share games via a simple link or QR code placed strategically on menus, takeaway bags, drink cups, beer labels and more. Customers can play for a chance to win enticing rewards like free meals, discounts, or promotional items. How it works Brand recognition: I will tailor the game to reflect your brand identity by incorporating your logo, color scheme, or images of your product. Rewards: I will set up a leaderboard-based rewards system. Players reaching certain scores will receive discounts or free soft drinks for their next order, encouraging game engagement and incentivizing purchases. Promotion: I will create a dedicated landing page with the email collection form which can be used to promote the game to your customers through various channels - social media, in-store displays, or as QR codes on pizza boxes. Increase sales and retain customers: Leverage the power of collected emails to follow up with customers who have earned rewards and to send newsletters featuring upcoming offers. --- Engage your customers through play with NakNick.com
  10. Hi, I hope you are doing well! It is with joy that I share with you the game GravytX The Gravytoid! (The game should have been released 4 years earlier but due to some technical constraints it was delayed!) Trailer (Click on the image below): About the game: Play as GravytX an alien who has the ability to control objects remotely and manipulate gravity. Travel the universe to save the peoples who are under the domination of the Vodouas (Malicious beings who want to conquer the universe) and bring peace to their Planets. • Here are some surprises that await you on your travels: - Several Planets to discover - Diverse and fun levels - Gameplay mechanics unique to each Planet - Fun puzzles to solve - Multiple Bosses and Mini-bosses to challenge! - And many other things to discover (We are not going to reveal everything to you anyway!) • Note that the game supports Gamepads! Get ready to experience adventures beyond human understanding! Game link: Web (HTML 5) version Have fun and have a nice day!
  11. Hello Devs, I would like to know, what do I need to learn to play with PixiJS? I want to create advanced games in 2d. I know Pixi is not a game engine and there are other frameworks like Phaser, Cocos2D, MelonJS and so on... Pixi will be useful to me to develop other projects besides games. Perhaps the most experienced here can give me tips and also other people who are having difficulties. Thanks.
  12. Hello, For my video game project I need a game designer who knows how to handle isometric design and for logos. I can not pay immediately but if the game receives donations rather quickly some of the donations will be donated to the designer who will help me because it is very urgent for me now. Thank you for your interest in my project. For more information about my project feel free to contact me privately. A portfolio of your previous work would be very appreciated. A good day to those who read this post.
  13. Hi Everyone, Just wanted to show my HTML5 game made on android. "Mummy Maze Classic" is an puzzle game about mummies and egypt. In this game, you are the explorer and you have to find your way out, avoiding the mummies along the way by smart moves, use the walls to dodge the mummies. I created this game because this old version game on PC never made on android before. So I remade it to serve you guys who love it. Android Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mono.mummy I hope this game will satisfy you !
  14. Hello everyone! It's my first post here and I'm very excited to be part of this community! For the past 3 weeks I was transferring John Lemon’s Haunted Jaunt mini game from Unity to WebGL using PlayCanvas Web based Game Engine. It was a really fun project to work on with many challenges along the way. Here is the official build for you to play: https://playcanv.as/p/atVPbI8K/ I also created a public project in PlayCanvas in case anyone wanted to take a look on how I put everything together: https://playcanvas.com/project/917469/overview/john-lemon-public-project And lastly here is the official post on Twitter: I hope you'll like it! Enjoy
  15. @obiot Here's my latest melonjs game! It's a very simple one. Arch super-villain Poo Tin, which is literally a tin of poo, wants to blot out the colours blue and yellow from the earth! To stop Poo Tin, you have to paint Poo Tin out with a blue and yellow paintbrush! All net proceeds (i.e. after deducting all expenses incurred for this product and subject to the withdrawal being able to be performed in view of Microsoft and Google's minimum payment threshold) shall be donated for humanitarian causes. This game is a work of fiction for entertainment purposes only. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or entities or events, is purely coincidental. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.customautosys.pootin It is quite expensive because the net proceeds will be donated to charity. Stay tuned for the Microsoft Store release which is coming soon!
  16. My first ever Javascript program. Used p5 for some reason here too. Anyway, simple 2D sidescroll jump around whatever. Still wondering is JS or C# the one i would like to use for my future (and prpably similar) projects. Playable game via browser here. GitHub link here. Check readme.MD at github if you want to learn more. Rock on and prospect.
  17. Hi everybody, so i'm trying to create an online game using Babylon.js but have run into a problem thats got me a little stumped so hoping someone here would be willing to help me out. Please bear with me on this one, i'm a complete newbie with babylon as i've only every worked with THREE.js. Right now my game consists of a scene compromising of multiple meshes with multiple users represented as avatars (created from basic circle geometry for the moment) loaded into an environment. What I want to do is highlight the outline of these avatars ONLY when they are occluded by any other object, meaning that when they are not occluded they look normal with no highlight but when behind an object their highlighted silhouette can be seen by others (including yourself as you can see your own avatar). This is very akin to effects used in many other video games (see example below). ) Thus far, based on some googling and forum browsing (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/59807160/babylonjs-outline-through-walls & https://forum.babylonjs.com/t/highlight-through-objects/8002/4) I've figured out how to highlight the outline of objects using Babylon.HighlighLayer and I know that i can render objects above others via RenderingGroups but I can't seem to figure out how to use them in conjunction to create the effect I want. The best i've managed to do is get the highlighted avatar render above everything but I need just the silhouette not the entire mesh. I'm also constrained by the fact that my scene has many meshes in it that are loaded dynamically and i'm also trying to keep things as optimal as possible. Can't afford to use very computationally expensive procedures. Anybody know of the best way to approach this? Would greatly appreciate any advice or assistance you can provide.Thanks!
  18. For anyone too young to remember, back in the 1980s there was this thing called LCD games. Before Nintendo introduced the GameBoy, electronics companies including Nintendo were making small handheld toys that used LCD crystals to display flickering shapes, the shapes could only be turned on or off. Using this crude form of animation they were able to create something that kind of resembled a videogame. Companies incl. Gakken, Tandy, Radio Shack, Sunwing, Tiger, Tomy called these games "card game" or just electronic lcd game, while Nintendo called their line "Game & Watch". Over the years hundreds (maybe thousands) of different games were created, see this site: http://handheldempire.com/games.jsp Anyway, why do I bring this up here on html5gamedevs? There is this very cool site called pica-pic by Hipopotam. He's created playable versions of 26 of these games using Flash. -> http://www.pica-pic.com/ Now I was thinking, this could possibly also be done using with html/js right? Ideally there could be some sort of lcdgame.js library, and then for each separate game you'd have just one html file and a javascript to describe the gamelogic. And maybe only 2 png images, one image with and one without the shapes, and the LCD game library is then able to cut out the shapes (also described in the js file as polygons) and display it on a canvas. It could potentially be kind of like MAME but for LCD games. Any thought on this?
  19. Become a part of our unique success story! More than 500 million people have already played our next-gen instant games. Join us and unleash your superpowers to build the future of gaming! SOFTGAMES is looking for a JavaScript Game Developer to help us bring our games to new Instant Game Platforms that will entertain tens of millions of people every month. The JavaScript Game Developer designs, architects, tests and implements features into our live games. Further you'll work on bringing our games to existing and upcoming Instant Game Platforms. You will collaborate with producers, artists and other game developers to share learnings and best practices. The JavaScript Game Developer will ship robust and high-performance code, be passionate, and act as a fount of knowledge when it comes to game development. As part of a small, experienced and dynamic team you will enjoy a creative, challenging and collaborative environment. You can either work REMOTELY or in our central Berlin office surrounded by a great bunch of people! **Qualified applicants will be expected to complete a technical assessment. Your role: Write robust code to be used by millions of users Maintain and optimise features of existing Instant Games Develop and integrate different platform SDKs Independently create complete solutions from scratch Work on schedule, set clear goals Share knowledge and help colleagues Your profile: Great passion for games! 3+ years of professional software engineering experience Strong knowledge and experience with JavaScript (HTML5) Knowledge of TypeScript or another language with static typing Profiling and optimising JavaScript/TypeScript code Node.js CI/CD Experience with build systems (e.g. Webpack or gulp), PixiJS, Phaser Shipped at least 2 mobile/social title, preferably on multiple platforms Ability to quickly get up to speed with existing code Deliver high-quality and well-structured code Open-minded and keen to learn What we offer: We have a flexible working setup - either fully remote or on-site in central Berlin. Your choice! Working and living in Germany has many advantages as e.g. a high job security, great work-life balance and one of the best universal health care systems in the world! Further our Berlin full time employees benefit from: Visa: Our visa assistance service guides you through the whole process and helps with tips and tricks to get the approvals and your visa as fast as possible. Relocation Support: We support your move to Berlin with e.g. flat hunting, paper work like local registration, setting up bank accounts etc. Language classes: We pay your German lessons so you can order food auf deutsch very fast and go right up to perfecting your business vocabulary. Further training: A personal learning budget to spend on learning and development, including books, workshops, etc. Flexible working hours and home office: Productive hours differ individually. That’s why you're welcome to show up in the office whenever you're ready for it. Need to watch the kids or wait for a handicraftsman? No problem - we also offer the opportunity for home office. Office: A super modern office with state of the art tech, based in the center of Berlin, quickly to reach from all destinations thanks to the excellent public transport connections. Equipment: Choose between a MacBook Pro or Windows Laptop. Furthermore our office features the latest projectors, cameras, testing devices, monitors - you name it. Fresh fruits, snacks and drinks: Enjoy fresh fruits, free coffee and a fully stocked fridge with cold Water, Juices, Coke, Club Mate, Beer etc. For the sweet-toothed we have snacks, chocolate and chips of course. Epic company parties: Regular company parties to celebrate, including Summer Party, Oktoberfest, Christmas Party. Team events: We have regular Casual Fridays, Board Game Nights, Pub Quizzes, Team lunches, Company breakfasts and much more … Team spirit: Beyond our amazing parties and company events, the team further organizes activities themselves such as playing soccer together, a cooking group, a Japanese learning group, and much more. About SOFTGAMES With offices in Berlin (HQ) and Toronto, SOFTGAMES is an instant gaming company. We develop casual, truly social games that can be played instantly across all devices. We partner closely with Facebook, Samsung and more to craft the next generation of instant games that billions of people can play together. To-date, more than 500 MM people have played our games on Facebook, including Cookie Land, Solitaire Story Tripeaks, Mahjong Story, Space Invaders, Fish Story, Bubble Shooter or Candy Rain. At SOFTGAMES, we believe that different perspectives and background in our teams contribute to the quality of our work. We value diversity and therefore welcome all applications - regardless of gender, nationality, ethnic and social origin, religion / worldview, disability, age as well as sexual orientation and identity. Have we caught your interest? Then we look forward to your detailed application together with your salary expectations and earliest possible start date.
  20. Hello everyone! I'm JJ from animation studio, TVT and web design company, JIN Design in Singapore. I'm here to share a freebie, 2D game background. Freebie image preview can be viewed in the attachment. Download now in Google Drive
  21. Looking to buy some cool html5 games? Here is the list of some websites where you can buy cool and amazing HTML 5 games. 1. Freakxapps 2. Market Js 3. Codecanyon 4. Fanobi 5. Ravalmatic These sites have a great collection of html5 games. Visit the websites and buy HTML 5 games as your need.
  22. Hi there! We are full of ideas and enthusiasm for developing new and interesting HTML5 games with game engine Construct 2. YOU CAN BUY OUR GAMES HERE 1. HALLOWEEN LITTLE WITCH Little witch are flying on her broom and evade pumpkins, against the background of the full moon. How To Play: Touch the screen to control the hero (Witch) position. BUY: https://codecanyon.net/item/halloween-little-witch/18582468?ref=demgam PLAY: https://preview.codecanyon.net/item/halloween-little-witch/full_screen_preview/18582468?ref=demgam 2. SANTA, RUN! Help Santa to colect presents and make children happy! How To Play: Touch the screen to control the hero (Santa) position. BUY: https://codecanyon.net/item/santa-run/25121425?ref=demgam PLAY: https://preview.codecanyon.net/item/santa-run/full_screen_preview/25121425?ref=demgam 3. AGE OF CORSAIRS: PIRATES OF THE SOUTH SEAS Become the conqueror of the seas!!! Improve your ship. Make a lot of money!!! How To Play: Touch the screen to control the hero (ship) position. BUY: https://codecanyon.net/item/age-of-pirates/19697995?ref=demgam PLAY: https://preview.codecanyon.net/item/age-of-pirates/full_screen_preview/19697995?ref=demgam 4. MAKE A LOVE! Fill the Galaxy with Love! How To Play: Tap on heart to get Love-points and tap on other buttons (when they are pink) to get improvement (extra abilities). BUY: https://codecanyon.net/item/make-a-love/19824515ref=demgam PLAY: https://preview.codecanyon.net/item/make-a-love/full_screen_preview/19824515?ref=demgam 5. SANTA,FLY! Help Santa to colect presents and make children happy! How To Play: Touch the screen to control the hero (Santa) position. BUY: https://codecanyon.net/item/santafly/20972801ref=demgam PLAY: https://preview.codecanyon.net/item/santafly/full_screen_preview/20972801?ref=demgam
  23. This is my first time hosting a game. I have all the files up on GitHub and they all work when I run them locally, but when I go to the GitHub link I get these errors: Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 () - phaser.min.js Uncaught ReferenceError: Phaser is not defined at main.js:3
  24. Many of my games I implant logic to only render when dirty. My UI code sets a dirty flag when ever anything changes rather than every possible frame. Most of my games are card games for mobile and there no constant animation, only when moving a card. I have done this with the goal to keep the device cool and not burn the battery. Players can be on for long periods of time. Is this solution overkill or does pixijs or phaser already optimize non changing frames?
  25. Hi everyone! I was wondering which HTML 5 game engine is better PixieJS or Phaser.io? Links: Phaser.io: https://phaser.io PixieJS: https://www.pixijs.com
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