Labyrinth Maze Game

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Really enjoyed this. It can be really intense with just enough time to make it out, and if the timer made beeping sounds every 10 seconds or something like that.
Also, if there were dangers inside the maze.

12 hours ago, wildroseinteractive said:

I like this fake-3D style. The colours are a bit garish, but as a demo it is fantastic.

Agree about the colours though, they are not easy on the eyes at all.

Great work though.

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Pretty impressive that it randomly generates the mazes, and the music is cool as well. :) it's cool but I found it a bit too disorienting, although I guess that's kind of the point.

The walls are blue/red for facing north/south or east/west, but have you tried using 4 colors for the walls? So for example east walls green, west walls yellow, north walls red, south walls blue or something like that? Or maybe have the floor gradually fade darker as you get further down (vertically) in the maze. I wonder if it's a little easier to navigate then.

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