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[Panda2] Dead Gunner

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Hello Everyone.

My new HTML5 platormer game made using Panda2,  this is my first  Panda2 game, it is very good html5 engine, I am very enjoy to use it

This game can play on mobile or desktop

Special thanks to @Wolfsbane  and @enpu teaching me coding skill, really thanks

try the game in here :


Full Gameplay





-Add checkpoint to Stage1-2

-Change the shoot button and jump button positions



-New Android version, you can download the game from google play.


Google Store Link

-add an explosion when the player dies by enemies
-add arrow instruction for each stage.
-improved the initial load time, and add a loading screen 
-Bug fix








Stage1 clear-   1234
Stage1 && Stage2 clear-   5678
Stage1 && Stage2 && Stage3 clear-   9981
Stage1 && Stage2 && Stage4 clear-    1516
Stage1 && Stage3  clear-    3412
Stage1 && Stage4  clear-    6666

Stage2 clear- 2234
Stage2 && Stage3 clear-   3274
Stage2 && Stage3 && Stage4 clear- 4234
Stage2 && Stage4 clear- 5734

Stage3 clear- 9527
Stage3 && Stage4 clear- 1314

Stage4 clear- 9991

Stage1 && Stage2 && Stage3 && Stage4 clear-  0964

Final Boss Fight- 0007

thank you for your playing, hope you enjoy


Left key - Left Run
Right key- Right Run
Up - Up direction
Z Key - Shoot
X or Space Key- Jump
Hold Up key and press down Z Key - Up  Shoot
P  key - Pause Game
R key - Quit game( Pause mode)

Gracphic Designer:
and some Gracphic download from

Game Music:
All music use by
Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba(Game Boy)  game
Present by Banpresto       
Takashi Horiguchi

Game Engine:

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❤️ Feels MegaMan-esque. 

Good stuff! it's a nice one. I played through till the first boss. 

Only area I think could be improved was the initial load time seemed quite slow.. could do with some optimizing maybe? How big is the game? I kind of expect low-res arcade web games to load within 10-15 sec. I guess it's got some big music files?

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The app plays pretty well. I'd probably swap the shoot/shoot up button positions, though? I think it's easier/more natural to slide the thumb up to shoot then have to move my thumb all the way over to shoot. Right now, it feels a bit hard for me to jump then shoot. Maybe that's just me.

Also, loading times on the app is surprisingly.. still quite long? I thought it'd be much faster, because all the files should be right there, (rather than on a webserver) but it still takes a while to load. Still think it is something that could be fixed. How are the images being loaded, are they all bundled as a single texture pack?

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Greetings! Play tested using Chrome on MacOS Mojave.

I really do love retro-styled arcade/console games; this reminded me of both Contra and Metroid in some ways. While it could still use more additions to gameplay and interface, it definitely has a solid foundation  and runs quite well in the broswer.

If you're looking for more inspiration as to what add, I'd suggest checking out the NES classic "Clash at Demonhead"; it has a similar foundation and from the looks of your code has many features the would seem to be inline with your design structure. But that's just a suggestion for ideas and inspiration.

Very good game; Good Luck!


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Thank you for your suggestion and thank you for playing:)

Your comment is very helpful to make improve my game quality to my next game. 

Thank you for play all game to Game Showcase Pages and leave a more useful comment to each developer, thanks , have a nice day!

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