My New Game "Twisty Turtle" Feedback welcome

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I'd love to talk to you about distributing Twisty Turtle on the mobile web. TreSensa offers monetization in the form of in-game advertising and we distribute across a growing network of 90+ distribution endpoints. We operate on non-exclusive licensing model with recurring monthly rev share. You can reach me at jlee [at] tresensa [dot] com. Thanks! 

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This game also runs on a Computer.


Open the console (Firefox: ctrl+shift+k, Chrome: ctrl+shift+j) and type in:



If you look into the code, you will see a denial for Windows, OSX and Linux. Why?

if ( || system.mac || system.xll)


  $("#pcMsg").css({display: "block"});



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Wow, I was going to post how I liked it and then I discover on here that you stole your artwork.


BUSTED!  To the OP, what say you about your STOLEN graphics eh?  You should at least give credit on the front screen.


Putting your thievery aside (!), it's a great little game.  Couple of comments though:


- Needs sound fx and music.

- Front screen needs more than just 'Play'.  Needs 'help' and 'options' (for sound).  And 'credits' to attribute the person whose graphics you stole.

- See if you can make it take up 100% screen height on mobiles.  There is a lot of black space around the playing area.


Honestly I think you will need to replace your art with some self-made (or purchased) graphics now before you go any further with it.

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