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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, First of all, i want to say thanks to the creator of this wonderful forum, a place where we game developers around the world, have a place to share and learn. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, i want to present you my latest, but first game creation: Rush The Top PLAY IT The game consists of making use of a cannon to launch a monkey into the space, get coins to buy upgrades and abilities to reach the top in the lowest amount of time possible. Although i have not tested it with iOS and other devices (i don't have them), you can try it out and see if it works for you. PLAY IT Your feedback is ENORMOUSLY appreciated. Thank you, Gastón - One Beast Games
  2. Hi folks, BRL has renamed Monkey to Monkey X and totally revamped its Monkey website at www.monkey-x.com Adding to that, Monkey X is now free for HTML5 and desktop platforms and you can develop even commercial apps with it. Also everyone can signup in the community now and ask questions about Monkey X there. Cheers Michael Hartlef
  3. Hi folks, for the last two years I bascially use Monkey a lot for my own projects. Monkey also has a HTML5 target which runs great on Desktop and good on my Kindle Fire 7. But is there something better? I would like to know if someone has compared Monkey to other toolsets and what their results was. As I want to target mobile via HTML5, I am after a good performing framework/toolset which handles sound playing good enough. Any input is welcome. Cheers Michael
  4. Hi, I've been lurking in the forum for a couple of days now deciding if I should take the plunge into HTML5 dev, curently doing Flash, and I couldn't help notice, with some surprise, that 99% of you are writing your games in native code. Have you guys not considered using a cross platform dev tool like Monkey or Haxe or have you condsidered them and found them wanting? I recently switched to Monkey from Flixel/Flashdevelop and found it to be quite good but I'm worried that maybe you guys know something I don't.
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