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Found 33 results

  1. With holiday season approaching I made a winter themed Bubble Shooter. The name of the game is POP-POP JINGLE and it is designed to run on mobile and desktop browsers (touch and mouse controls): Gameplay: Happy Holidays for everyone as you pop-pop all the winter gems using fast reflexes and strategy! An addictive and easy to play Match-3 Puzzle Shooter packed with over 100 festive themed levels. Can you collect all the stars? Technical: Based on our earlier game (POP-POP CANDIES) this version is also made with Haxe + awe6 + CreateJS and designed to run on any device at ~30fps. Many of the assets originated from royalty free sources. I made the holiday themed puzzles and the bulk of the other level designs came from a level pack designed for Frozen Bubble, so big thanks to contributors there. The levels (and star ratings) were sorted based on completion time of sample plays. This game is available to license from our website:
  2. Hello, We had made a game in Flash AS3, We converted it into HAXE so that it works on a web browser, but the game lags(animation). Now we want to convert this kind of game in HTML5 which has heavy animation, suitable for web browser - Is this Possible? We are looking for an alternative platforms/framework/library that would support our game. Any and every suggestion would help us a lot. Here is the demo link -
  3. Hi, I have built a mini games app in Adobe Air (in iOS and Android). It features lots of swf animations and lots of games. Now since the future of Adobe Air is circumspect. I want to hedge my bets by rebuilding the games in another platform which has a better future outlook. I had a few questions: 1) Which platform is better for building an app- OpenFL or Phaser ? I found OpenFL online which seems to be the best way to port flash games into html5. 2) Can I have a multi platform app in which suppose 100 games are there - 50 made in Phaser and 50 made in OpenFL? 3) I had read in one website that Phaser is not good for resolutions above 600x400 px. Is this true? 4) Since we want to support all resolutions in Android and iOS- we need vector graphics (the core strength of AIR). Do Phaser/CoreFL support Vector? Thanks, Nish
  4. Hello all, We are expanding our team so we are looking for HTML5 (JS) programmers who are passionate about casual gaming, who want to work in international environments, with very experienced industry peers and great learning opportunities. If you have all these qualities we would like to meet you: A strong desire to learn, collaborate and work hard Organized and proactive Proven proficiency and professional experience (or extensive amateur experience) in at least one of the following game engines: Phaser Pixie JS Cocos2D-html5 Haxe/OpenFL Playcanvas Extensive domain of HTML5 and JavaScript Have demos or portfolio you can share Knowing some/all of these skills will make you a little bit more suitable for the position: Intermediate, Advanced or University Studies in Programming Experience working with third-party SDKs (Facebook, Adm...) Experience developing multiplayer games Knowledge of AWS or Google Cloud Knowledge of Unity 3D English You are gonna help us: Technical implementation of the games we make Guarantee the highest quality of our products Collaborate in the design of games Create a better working environment Benefits Flexible schedule with core hours from 10:00 to 15:00 (you choose when to work the rest) Possibility to grow professionally in the company To be able to learn from professionals with more than 10 years of experience in the industry. Join one of Europe's most successful casual gaming companies Possibility of working remotely if you are not in Barcelona PM us your updated CV (and a link to your portfolio) and we will contact you shortly. THIS IS A PAID POSITION
  5. In celebration of next week's 2018 Olympic Winter Games we developed a small collection of simple HTML5 winter sport themed games. Each game is designed to load fast and run on desktop and mobile browsers (keyboard, mouse, touch controllable). And yes, each game features CANADIAN athletes, because they are the best SLALOM HERO Choose your hero and compete across three courses in the Winter Sports Slalom Event. Steer between the slalom gates and collect boosts to improve your time. Train your athlete for success. Will you win the gold medal? HOCKEY HERO Choose your hero and compete against three fierce opponents in the Ice Hockey event. Avoid the attacking players to approach the goal line. Once in front of the goal, time your shot to score! Can you win the gold medal? SKATING HERO Choose your hero and compete across three programs in the Figure Skating event. Perform incredible jumps and fast spins as you time your moves to perfection. Will you land all your moves and be awarded all three gold medals? Technical: These games were developed with Haxe + awe6 + CreateJS and designed to run on any device at ~30fps. We used several old-school techniques to create the "3D" effects - segments for the slalom, parallax for the hockey, mode7 for the skating. Commercial: Designed primarily for a high profile kids portal all three games are also available to license (on a non-exclusive basis) from our website:
  6. Multiplayer online hexagonal minesweeper. Fight against other players, claim your area and steal theirs in a massive world. Reach the top of the leaderboard by having big score. Claim as much of the world as you can for yourself in this puzzle iogame. Play the game here: Developed entirely in Haxe, using pixi.js for rendering, nodeJS with uws for server. Feel free to ask me anything
  7. Our Upstate New York studio is open to contracts for small to large HTML5 games. We work in small modular teams to keep costs down and maintain our indie creativity and feel. We work primarily in Haxe for desktop and mobile browser games, but also do a lot of Apps (often HTML5 via Cordova). We have experience with CocoonJS, Unity, Springroll, and more. We have several developers, artists, as well as audio and QA-testing capabilities. We will also be looking to hire as we grow. Feel free to send over your resumes/portfolios.
  8. We published this game over a year ago, but I entirely forgot about posting it here. It's a cute physics removal puzzler. Created using Flambe in Haxe with Nape physics. Art made using Flash. Save the Ice Cubes in this physics puzzler with unique twist. [puzzle, removal, physics]. Play Here Feel free to ask about anything about this game. The game is also available for non-exclusive licensing. Please contact me if you are interested.
  9. Hi, for whatever reason all BabylonHx topics were moved to Haxe JS forum. Anyway, BabylonHx 2.0 is on github and its a fresh (from scratch) port of Babylon.js 2.0.0. You can read original post about new version here, on the bottom of the page:
  10. Hello everyone, Recently i finished my first medium-sized HTML5 game - Medieval Defense Z. I came from flash background and developing for HTML5 presented with some new challenges. So i would like to share what worked and what didn't. This is more like review/tutorial type of thing, so hopefully someone will find something useful. • Goals: • 60fps. • Smooth gameplay and animations. • Quality comparable to flash games. • Tools: • Language: Haxe. Strictly typed programming language, similar to ActionScript 3.0. Compiles to all major languages, including javascript. • Editing: HaxeDevelop IDE. Freeware, great code completion and very fast compared to everything i tried. • Debugging: Chrome. Has console, debugger and profiler. • Rendering library: Pixi.js. Uses display list concept like flash. Works well. • Sound library: Howler. Good enough, the id system is a bit weird though. • Bitmap font exporter: Free and web-based. • Sprite Sheet Packer: Freeware and very simple. • Graphics: • Scaling will look ugly if you use many small png files for textures. • If you want nice scaling, fast load times and fast rendering - pack everything to 2048x2048 spritesheets (include bitmap fonts too). • Resolution of assets: 1024x768, background can extend to 1382x768, so it covers most aspect ratios in horizontal orientation. • To get proper native resolution in mobile browsers i scaled up renderer and scaled down canvas by window.devicePixelRatio. • Sounds: • Library: Howler. • Sound formats: ogg for Chrome and Firefox, m4a for Safari and Internet Explorer (note: mp3 has licensing issues with play count). • ffmpeg: because of licensing issues and whatnot can't convert to m4a, unless you recompile ffmpeg with m4a, which is a pain to setup. • I used MediaHuman Audio Converter (freeware) to convert from wav to ogg and m4a (64 bit). • iOS Safari: keep in mind that before any sound could be played, user must first tap on the screen. • Mouse Events: • Used pixi.js API to open links. • iOS Safari: under "touchstart" event won't open links in new tabs, use "tap" event instead. • sprite.on("mousedown", callback) for desktop. • sprite.on("tap", callback) for mobile. • Performance: • Reuse frequently used sprites. • Avoid creating too many objects every frame. • I would recommend looking up data-oriented programming to get more juice out of Javascript. • Record timeline with Chrome profiler to find performance bottlenecks. • Masks are slow. Use trim if you only need a simple cut. • Very large functions may cause lag spikes. My best guess is that browser is trying to optimize the function. Splitting big function into several smaller ones solved my problem. • Game Debugging: • Simple CSS + DOM side menu. • Basic field view/edit. • Simple buttons with callbacks. • How to debug html5 game on android (mobile) with desktop chrome (PC): 1. Upload game to your website. 2. Go to (desktop) chrome: chrome://inspect 3. Connect Android device with USB and run your game on android chrome (your android device must be enabled for development). 4. Open Command Prompt and enter: adb devices (must have Android Debug Bridge installed). 5. To quit debugging enter: adb kill-server • Conclusions: • Programming in Haxe instead of pure Javascript probably saved hours and hours of debugging. • Would have liked more automated solution for spritesheet and sound stuff. • Poor performance bites sooner or later, so be prepared to do extensive profiling. • Stable 60fps is very hard to achieve, even if you keep your code below 1-2ms per frame. • Overall i am happy with the results, however it took longer than expected to make this game. Any feedback is appreciated. Game Link: Trailer:
  11. Fasten your seat belt. And unleash your imagination. Build with pixijs and pixi-haxe and nape physics. It's friday! Share your level in the comments!
  12. I started developing multiplayer online platformer to get back to things that got me to programming in the first place. I have no idea how it will work out (if at all), but I decided to blog about my progress in a devlog/tutorial fashion. The first entry is about my proof of concept prototype and why it wouldn't work
  13. Wabbit Mountain Madness Hello! This is a project we got commissioned by Cartoon Network while I was working in Artik Games, it was released at the beggining of this year. It was developed on Haxe: Flambe, compiled for HTML5 with desktop and mobile compatibility. It weighs just 15mb and runs pretty smoothly even in older hardware, like Galaxy S3. More on the technical details below, here is the game link, a gameplay video and a screenie: Play it! Mirror: Gameplay Video Sreenie The game was developed by a three-person team during one and a half months. I participated as programmer, togheter with a 2d artist and a game designer. On the technical side of things, I choosed the Haxe: Flambe engine because it was one of the only ones fitting the constraints we had in place: Compiles to HTML5 The game weighs less than 20mb Compatible with desktop and mobile inputs Performs well on mobile browsers Makes it possible to compile to native Android using Adobe Air (although finally this didn't happen) Being my first experience with Haxe, I felt really comfortable with the language and tools available. We worked most of the animations in Flash and used the import tool Flambe provides. The API also has a very useful Script class which makes tweening and sequencing a breeze, really painless. It's also possible to communicate to the browser from inside the game, which allowed me to develop an internal tool used for level-design, with a hacky combination of flambe, javascript and php. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the game and I'm open for questions! I'm currently freelancing so feel free to contact me if you are interested in hiring me for some work
  14. Hi, It is a simple but quite original puzzle game. Game ready for non exlusive licences, youtube video Thx, Sergiy.
  15. Hi, This is a simple puzzle game with original gameplay where the monsters eat candy Ready for sitelocking or other type of licensing. Game is also available on flash, android , etc gameplay on youtube link on game Thx, Sergiy.
  16. In a personal effort to return to making games for fun I made a classic Bubble Shooter styled with ... Candies! The name of the game is POP-POP CANDIES and it is designed to run on mobile and desktop browsers (touch and mouse controls): Gameplay: Enjoy a sweet puzzle as you pop-pop all the candies using strategy and fast reflexes! Featuring 100+ challenging puzzles and marathon endurance levels this colorful Match-3 Puzzle Shooter game will entertain for hours. Technical: Made with Haxe + awe6 + CreateJS and designed to run on any device at ~30fps. Many of the assets originated from royalty free sources. The level designs mostly came from an open source project called Frozen Bubble, so big thanks to contributors there. The levels (and star ratings) were sorted based on completion time of a few thousand sample plays. A level designer might be added later. This game is available to license from our website:
  17. I had the chance this month to revisit a client project and reskin it as something different. The result was GRAND PRIX HERO, a "retro inspired pseudo 3D racer" similar to the Sega classics I used to play in the arcades. Designed to run in browser on either mobile or desktop the controls use tilt, touch or keys - gameplay is crippled optimized with auto-accelerate accordingly ... Gameplay: Compete across 4 races in the Grand Prix Series. Dodge traffic, boost, collect coins and upgrade your car for the next race. Are you the Grand Prix Hero? Technical: Made with Haxe + awe6 + CreateJS, the underlying engine is heavily inspired by this popular tutorial: Everything is Canvas based, just LOTS of drawImages, no WebGL - so older devices may struggle (there are many auto degrading detail settings built into the game, but they can only do so much). The majority of graphical and audio assets came from my stockpile of never-quite-finished racing games, so I'm pleased to finally publish some of them (even if it is on a much simpler game than they were originally intended for). Next steps: Sega style voice over? Suggestions welcomed.
  18. Hello everyone ! I'm a student in Gamedesign & Programming in Paris and I make games. Video games. HTML5 video games. Using Haxe. So I think I'm in the right place ! It's my first post here, one of my teachers recommended me to share our HTML5 game here ! So here it is, "Fall", made in 4 days within the GameWeek of my school. We were 9 in a team composed with 4 graphists, 4 Gameplay Programmers and 1 Producer. A team entirely made with first and second years ! Check it out here : Fall won the "Most polished game Prize" and will soon arrive on your smartphones ! Have fun guys !
  19. Hi everyone! Here is Decay, the game we made during a 4-day gamejam in our school.It's about an alien trapped in a lab who's trying to escape by taking control of scientists. Decay won the "Best Graphics and Animations Prize" and you can test it here: We had no time to finish the touch input... so the game doesnt quite work on mobile We intend to start again the developping this summer and publish it on mobile stores. So feel free to give us your feedback
  20. Hello everyone, this is my very first post ! I am a french game developper student, and i like phaser and pixi it's very easy to develop with them. I try to use the ColorMatrixFilter of Pixi with Phaser to use the hueRotate on phaser's Groups. (I develop in Haxe with FlashDev by the way). I saw this thread : wich should answer my problem. But it's no use, here is what i have : at the beginning of the code (haxe is typed language wich export in javascript or other languages, but if you could help me in JS that should be enough) import phaser.core.Filter; private var hueFilter : Filter; //no problem for the moment ^^'' in the preload : game.load.script('ColorMatrixFilter', 'lib/pixi/filters/color/ColorMatrixFilter.js'); //--this give me an error : require is not defined in the create : hueFilter = untyped new PIXI.ColorMatrixFilter(); //--> this won't build flashDev tells me : Class not found PIXI and when i do this : untyped console.log(PIXI); //--> PIXI do exist! but there is no ColorMatrixFilter in it ! untyped console.log(PIXI.ColorMatrixFilter); //--> return undefined For the "require problem" i tried to use RequireJS in the index.html : <script src="lib/requireJS.js"></script> but it throws new error : Uncaught Error: Module name "../../core" has not been loaded yet for context: _. Use require([]) I believe i don't have to modify the ColorMatrixFilter.js to make it work so i don't know what to try next. I even try to use another filter (HueRotate.js) that i have found here : //build with no error ! but completly erase my images and fill all the canvas with the same color... to sum up i can't make it work... It's very frustrating because when my project only used pixi it was very easy : filter = new ColorMatrixFilter(); container.filters = [filter]; filter.hue( value , false); Can someone please help me, it has been one week since i have this problem. what do i miss ? Thanks
  21. Hello, I've got a problem that is starting to impact the performance of my game and I found through profiling that the MouseMove & ProcessMouseMove, are binded to the window "mousemove" event. They do fire correctly, but I simply need them to fire once per frame. ( They fire 5 - 10 times per frame which is normal ) Is there a way to do this in pixi with interactionFrequency, or do I need to do some hack ? Thanks in advance
  22. Hello Everyone, First time post on this forum, and first Phaser project. I researched for this, and have had results but not complete results so I decided to post a topic. I'm not at all looking for a solution with code as I'm not looking to waste anyone's time here, but guidance will be much appreciated given my 'noob' status with phaser. My background might be helpful : I'm coming from actionscript/starling here, where 1. stage can be scaled 2. textures can have scales as well so that a texture of scale 1 that reports a size of 100x100, would also report a size of 100x100 when at scale .5, it's just that the original image would be twice smaller, starling would handle upscaling the texture. With that, placing objects dynamically is easy as I would not have to change the code used to place objects on stage because width/height of objects would not change, and the stage being scaled would also allow me to place things in absolute values and still get a proportionally similar result on different 'screens' at least when the ratio of the stage is the same. What I want is "best fitting" the base dimensions of my game to the current "container" dimensions (as well as centering it). The topic is mostly about two things : fitting the game in those "3 different target containers" and also handling multi-resolution. So I'm creating a game for 3 "target containers". By that I mean : 1. a variable width/height div, in a desktop browser (inside a website that I won't be in control of so the dimensions are not fixed) 2. in a mobile browser, this time full window (nothing but the div containing phaser will be on this page) 3. in cocoonJs As I would've done with a flash project, I've prepared a set of different sized assets. I'm detecting whether I'm in cocoonjs with the following //initisCocoon = Reflect.hasField(Browser.navigator,'isCocoonJS');The game is designed (at scale 1x) for a base 'screen' of size base = new Rectangle(0, 0, 2048, 1536);this is a Rectangle I can access everytime. So all my assets of scale 1x are prepared for this base screen size (for cocoonJs actually). and I have other sets of downscaled assets, here is the list of scales I have : scales = [0.25,0.375,0.5,0.75,1];also an array that I can access anywhere in case that matters. Now for cocoonJs and a full browser version of the game on desktop, I have the following setup , and it works fine : function init() { isCocoon = Reflect.hasField(Browser.navigator,'isCocoonJS') ? true : false; game.scale.scaleMode = isCocoon ? ScaleManager.USER_SCALE : ScaleManager.RESIZE; game.scale.canExpandParent = true; game.scale.setResizeCallback(onResize, this); if (isCocoon) { trace("[Main] is CocoonJS"); }else trace("[Main] is not CocoonJS"); game.scale.setScreenSize(); }function onResize() { if (isCocoon) { var w = Browser.window.innerWidth; var h = Browser.window.innerHeight; game.renderer.resize(w, h); game.scale.setScreenSize(); } }This works fine. Also in init and onResize, I also calculate the "scale factor" of my game realScaleFactor = game.width / base.width; //that's assuming the game is always in landscape and it is.and look for the closest Float to that Float in my "scales" array , in order to find the right scale assets for my "screen"... if my game.width is 1024, i'll be at a scale of 0.5 compared to my original dimensions for my game, and since I have such a downscaled version for my assets, i'll preload stuff from my assets/0.5x/ folder instead of the assets/1.0x/ I guess that all makes sense (unless there's a more obvious way to do this). Now the problem with my multi-resolution paragdim that I'm trying to "port" from starling . The basic idea again is to be able to use absolute values whenever possible, and relative values when placing ui stuff (because obviously some screens are larger than the ratio of the "base" rectangle). I would scale down the stage, and starling would scale up images with the scale property. that means I can download smaller textures, still have stuff appear at the right scale and an image would always be the right size when I read the width/height values. I just tried placing every Sprite I need in a container (group), scaling that container down. it's like a Show_All I guess. yet the images are 2x too small when I'm at a .5x scale so it's probably useless to go this way. Could I make those 3 targets work , and load different sized assets, using the SHOW_ALL technique and how can I tell the scale manager the "base dimensions" or ratio of my game it should respect in order to SHOW_ALL. - and does that work with cocoonjs. How are you guys handling multi-resolution , without having to manually scale images, or hardcoding screen values. And how can I setup the ScaleManager for the three "targets" I have... The problem being the div with the fixed width/height the game could run in and I don't know in advance its dimensions. --- I'm very confused and very sorry if the solution is obvious. My problem is being convinced that something needs to be done a certain way and not having the necessary knowledge to do it the Phaser Way so in that regard I thank you in advance for any links and suggestions to help me for both the "3 target" and the "applying multiresolution" problems I currently have.
  23. Hi everybody! This is my very first post here on html5 gamedev! I have just released a demo of my upcoming game here: It's been made with haxe + pixi and it's my very first big html5 project. It's quite easy to play although at the moment it lacks a proper tutorial. I'll let you find how it works and update this post with new information as I make my way to the release. Targets planned: - desktop (mac, linux, windows) with node-webkit - tablets: Android and iOS. Please feel free to leave your comments. I will be glad to get some feedbacks! Thanks! François
  24. Hi, my 1st post here ! hello all ! I recently made the move from actionscript (AS3) over to Haxe and OpenFL, so i can develop games that compile to flash, html5 and native for mobile in future! - Berts Brain is my first creation, and the prototype version gained 3rd place in one of the 24 hour FGL game jams earlier in the year! (before i took most of the year off doing other things) - it took alot of time to get to the stage where a single source works in flash + html5 and mobile, but now i'm there,all my future games will be hybrid ones too ! Edit : Berts Brain Playable Link here's a link to some screenys on my portfolio site I'm hoping to sell some non-exclusive licenses for either flash or html5 versions, and am also looking to release a primary flash version (currently in bidding over on FGL with a few days to run) - i'm wondering if there are many other revenue avenues for html5 that i could explore too ?? screenshot below :
  25. Hi, All! Here is our new HTML5 game. Just simple space-shooter. Features: None significant Screenshots: Link: Alien Encroachers Looking for sponsorship, feel free to PM.