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Found 5 results

  1. Howdy people! Check our new cross-platform game Darwinism 2048. It is a puzzle game with a 2048 mechanics gameplay. The game has 2 modes: normal mode and challenges. Your mission is to re-create the evolution link starting from primitive and ending with… well we won’t tell ‘cause it’s a secret Just swipe or use your arrow keys to combine same elements and as a result to discover the next link of evolution. here is a link hope you'll like it
  2. Greetings cadets , I want to show you our new cross-platform game "Save Planet". The game is about the bunch of asteroids that are going to attack the Earth and your mission is to destroy all this space debris. But you are limited with ammo so you need to use it wisely. Tap on the screen area to aim and shoot. Try to destroy as many asteroids as you can with one ball. The more asteroids you hit the points you get. The game consists of more than 40 captivating levels. Here's a link. Hope you'll like it
  3. Vampirizer - HTML5 game about party vampires. Everyone knows that vampires live for thousands of years. And of course they get bored sometimes. Well what bored vampires can do? Exactly! They have parties! But there are only three of them in the castle. So they decided to recruit more vampires in the town for their big crazy party. Vampirizer is a physics puzzle game and the task is to meet vampires and ordinary people by removing blocks and cutting ropes. We used adapted Box2d and our framework "Squire". The game supports most screen resolutions. Here's a link
  4. Sup guys, Here's another our game - "Haunted Halloween" It's a physics puzzle game. We used Box2d and our own framework. The old scatterbrain skeleton has lost his head and the player's task is to return the head to its owner. You can move platforms, make things explode and also change the sizes of some objects. And overcome some obstacles like dead hands. Here's a link If you have any questions please feel free to ask
  5. Hey dear friends, You may know us previously as TrueToken. Maybe for some of you it will be interesting to hear that recently we've got some investments and now due to the re-branding the official name of our company has changed to “PlayToMax”. Our team is growing and changing to create even more captivating highly productive games. We stared as TrueToken and have developed 100+ crossplatform HTML5 games and won variety of prizes and awards and as PlayToMax we will perform even better. Truly yours, PlayToMax team
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