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Found 7 results

  1. 1024 Math Remix on classic game 2048. 1024 Math reminds a game of 2048 from Gabriele Cirulli. There are 18 levels in this game. You need to complete all the goals when you get at each level. https://playcoolmath.com/en/math-games/1024-math Play 1024 Math
  2. We make new website for html5 games by Cocos Creator, it is very usefull tools for game developer.
  3. Have you ever played 2048? This is the same game with a twist that doubles the fun URL: https://www.parspicks.com/#
  4. tazowrhd

    3D 2048

    This ismy version of 3d 2048. Made with threejs and tweenjs. It is not perfect but I hope you will enjoy. link : http://tamazbagdavadze.github.io/3D-2048/ github : https://github.com/tamazbagdavadze/3D-2048
  5. When using a 2048x2048 texture atlas the game runs fine. But if I switch to a 4096x4096 texture atlas, the game freezes for a short period of time (less than half a second) once every second. This doesn't happen on my iPhone 4S, only my PC. And it only happens in Chrome, and when using Phaser.CANVAS (Phaser.WEBGL works fine). I'm using Phaser version 2.4.4. I'm getting close to releasing this game, and I'm a bit worried about this... Thanks in advance!
  6. Play - http://robowhale.com/html5/salazar/ Salazar The Alchemist is our latest html5 game. It is a mix between 2048 and match-3 genres. Combine 3 or more elements of the same type to get new advanced element. Continue until you will discover the final MYSTERIOUS ARTIFACT! Feedback is very welcome. Please mention best element which you have reached. Game built with Phaser 2.3.0.
  7. Howdy people! Check our new cross-platform game Darwinism 2048. It is a puzzle game with a 2048 mechanics gameplay. The game has 2 modes: normal mode and challenges. Your mission is to re-create the evolution link starting from primitive and ending with… well we won’t tell ‘cause it’s a secret Just swipe or use your arrow keys to combine same elements and as a result to discover the next link of evolution. here is a link hope you'll like it
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