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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, My name is Dorian, I’m a french entrepreneur and a developer. I develop with three other friends the product PERIFIT. OUR PRODUCT PERIFIT is an innovative product designed to help woman to re-develop their pelvic floor at home (the pelvic floor is a set of muscles which support the main organs of lower body, and control urine, gas and stool). After childbirth pelvic floor can be less tonic and fresh mothers can suffer urine leakage. They can do exercises with our product and train these muscles to prevent troubles. The product is made of a probe to track pelvic muscle contractions and a phone game that help the user to train in an interesting and playful manner: muscle contractions make the avatar goes up and down… · To see the game in action : · For further information about our product : OUR NEED As you can see in the video, the game is advanced. Now we want to add features and improve existing ones. Our game developer doesn’t have the time to work on the project anymore, and we are looking for a freelance to help us on it! For instance, our short term needs are to: · Remove the jerky effect o FPS is good, between 50 and 60 fps but that’s like if the design was “trembling” · Enable the possibility to parameterize different kind of exercises: o Exercises are a sequence of “patterns”, themselves made of “coins”. The game have only one fixed exercise right now, and we’d like to enable the possibility to generate exercises by a set of parameters (sequence of patterns) · Modify the avatar movement o It currently exists 5 thresholds where the avatar can stay (it is like “magnetized”). When the avatar change threshold, the movement is smooth, but when you change several times in succession, it’s not smooth. We would like to redefine this movement. · Add a “pause” screen o Remove the current buttons “Quit” and display a “pause menu” when the user clicks on “Pause”. The menu will have 3 buttons : “Play”, “Calibrate the probe” and “Quit” · Add music and sounds when the user catches a “coin” OTHER INFORMATION The game is developed with Phaser.JS. IF INTERESTED If you are interested by this project, could you send me: · References · An price range estimate for these 5 evolutions · Your day rate Please feel free to contact me if you need further information on the project or to estimate the cost. Greetings, Dorian
  2. Howdy people! Check our new cross-platform game Darwinism 2048. It is a puzzle game with a 2048 mechanics gameplay. The game has 2 modes: normal mode and challenges. Your mission is to re-create the evolution link starting from primitive and ending with… well we won’t tell ‘cause it’s a secret Just swipe or use your arrow keys to combine same elements and as a result to discover the next link of evolution. here is a link hope you'll like it
  3. Waltonia: A Darwin Sandbox Waltonia is a simulation of an evolving ecosystem, which you create. You can populate the world with species of plants, herbivores and carnivores. These can either be of your design or just randomly created. Once in the world you lose control of them, they will breed, interact and evolve. Your world isn't isolated because every so often creatures will migrate between players worlds, maybe carrying player designed diseases or pollen from genetically modified plants. Features Fully modelled genetics which feeds in to the look and colour of the creaturesA climate model which includes a fully realised fluids model which controls the oceans, which in turn feed your plantsAsynchronous multiplayer where your creatures travel through other players worldsA gallery to share and compare your worlds with other playersAn XP levelling system (with leaderboards) to unlock powerful abilities to have more control over your worldThis is the first time I've done anything on the web related or made a game at all. I've got a small community of players and have been continuously updating the game for a few months now. I spend a lot of my free time working on this and would love any feedback. In the future I'm planning to add achievements and a more, well lets say aggressive, multiplayer element.