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Found 6 results

  1. What is the best way to get the results--the appended bits--from BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append() ? The function for a single model, BABYLON.SceneLoader.ImportMesh(), and the function to load a new scene BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load(), both return their result, but Append() seems to only return the existing scene. I believe I understand the concept in this thread--mark everything that's already loaded before calling BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append(), at which point everything that's not marked can be assumed to come from the file load. The trouble is, if multiple files are being loaded, there's no guarantee that all of the new meshes, lights and cameras in the scene come from the same file when onSuccess fires. (This is assuming file loading happens async.) I suppose it would be possible to use BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load() to instead put the results into a new (hidden) scene, loot that scene for parts to the main scene, then delete it. That feels like a lot of overhead though. Any better ideas? [Peeling this out into its own topic, as Q&A threads don't "bump" anyway!]
  2. Hi, Looking around for a lazy-loading mesh example. There is assetManager and sceneLoader, with ImportMesh, .append() and .load() variations. All good there. : ) Question: Which way is best to delay-load (lazy-load) 3D meshes? The original hope was for AssetManager to be able to delay-load. Does it? - Looking for something like runTask, after init, but then found ._runTask, so maybe delay not possible. Did I miss it? Idk. : ) 2) Next, sceneLoader.append, can it lazy-load? Couldn't find example.... 3) ImportMesh, my previous favorite way, but recently standardized around AssetManager, and hesitant to switch. etc. Which is best to lazy-load? Thanks,
  3. Hello everyone. I have a question. How can I add just one mesh from Blender into an existing babylon scene? I created a babylon scene with several meshes. Now, I want to add a model of a car from Blender into existing scene. Thank you.
  4. hunts


    Is it possible to append html elements(like <iframe>, <button>, etc.) to 3D mesh in BJS
  5. I have an existing scene made in Babylon.js (scene1) I have a `.babylon` file (scene2) I want to append to scene1. Before appending scene2 to scene1 I want to do some operations on the meshes of scene2. `BABYLON.SceneLoader.Append` just immediately dumps everything from scene2 into the scope of scene1. This is not helpful. I have a lot of meshes in scene2 and scene1 with dynamic names so it's a lot of work to manually go through the merged array and look for the meshes that were in scene2. I was hoping I could use `BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load` for this. Load scene2, iterate over the scene2 meshes, then manually add them to scene1. Maybe I've missed something but, it doesn't like there is straightforward support for this. Seems like `BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load` is designed to load an initial scene only.
  6. I have not been a big user of the Playground - I usually test my Blender scene exports with the Sandbox. However, as SceneLoader.Load is considered deprecated, I thought I would test out SceneLoader.Append using the PG. I disabled both the standard BJS light and Camera as the scene I used contains a light and a camera - and here is my result: gryff's PG And I see the figure and the animation is working, but I get this big box that says : "Compilation error. You must at least create a camera" Now since I can see the figure and animation - where is the camera coming from? It seems to be using the light from the appended file, but both the ways I tried to use the babylon scene file camera throw this Compilation Error. (The other way I tried is to activate line 26 and deactivate lines 31-35) So is this a.) my clumsy coding or b.) my lack of understanding of the PG or c.) something else?? And in addition, it seems that the material for the figure is ignored. This is a link to the same animated figure showing what the material should be: Animation Test Any thoughts greatly appreciated - and hopefully a fix - before this pile hair beside my desk gets any bigger cheers, gryff Edi: If you check your console, you will see the position of the camera from the file I used.