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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all ! I'm currently working on a bomberman-like game, full of traps and special items and up to 10 players (objective: 100 players) The game is currently under development and we have a lot of plans to enhance it: new mods and modding engine new heroes, skins, biomes manage your account, friends, group host your local games and much more... (made with pixi.js, react & howler for the frontend) Play right now here: Hope you'll enjoy and feel free to discuss
  2. Bomberman Multiplayer Jippii Remake made with phaser. Play Bomberworld : Community: What is Bomberworld Multiplayer Online? The purpose of this game is to join in a room and eliminate your opponents by blowing up the brick walls and retrieving multiple items which gives you boost such as speed, larger bomb range, more bombs to trap your enemies, ... This game has core based mechanics. It's a massively online web browser game which holds eight players per room who fights each other to get on the top of the scoreboard. So we are building a community based game which will involve the players from the start with us and to develop the game in the future. Build the game with us! If there is a real interest and passion like ours to recreate the joys we all had on the old ''jippii'' website by playing this game again we will of course focus on building this game. As we go with your suggestions. Bomber world is based on MVP( Minimal Viable Product) because we want to see what people want in this game and make it the way the community wants it and not how we want it. Team effort, we do the heavy lifting you give us your needs and we will try our best to fulfill them. It's important that you all feel a part of this game from the beginning and we have a long road ahead of us. We will continue to update the game as we move forward. Hope you all enjoy and stay with us. Have fun and welcome!
  3. Hi, everyone! We just have uploaded our brand-new game: Odyssey: From Earth to Space Enjoy this great renewal of the arcade classic, Bomberman. Get through 4 worlds fighting against diferent creatures with lots of distinct powers. Kill the four final bosses and save the earth. Use different weapons like bombs, swords and boomerangs to make you mission easier. It´s a long journey so you can save your game every day and continue at the same place you left it. Win all the medals saving bombs, being the fastest player and losing the least lives. And... if you are able to complete the four worlds (more than twenty different levels) you will get a big "extra" surprise... do you dare? This game has been our longest working project with more than 11.000 lines of code and it´s totally free. It supports all platforms, squeezing out all the power of Phaser. But we are still improving it so if you leave here some feedback it would be very nice to us. Will you save the earth? Let us know! You can play de game here!