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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, everyone! I have uploaded a new game: WAR GAMES: Space dementia It´s a game based on the idea of the arcade classic, Smash TV. Join K1-ARZ and travel aboard the XK-LIBUR around the 360-TB ship. Go through 3 sectors and fight against 15 different spaceships with lots of distinct powers. Kill the three final bosses to keep the KM-LOT Galaxy safe. Use 9 different weapons and lots of power ups like shields, seismic charges, energy cells and bonus items. Keep an eye on your fuel level. You must grab the fuel batteries all over space otherwise you´ll get destroyed. Win all the medals by cleaning the sectors. Will you be able to complete the three worlds? This time the performance was very important. I used Phaser 2.4.2. I had to pre-create all the spaceships, bullets, explosions and then kill and revive them. The system is able to move even 40 spaceships, 200 hundred bullets and 50 explosions at the same time on the screen (all of them animated) and it works quite well on mobile devices. I used the Dual Stick from the Phaser Virtual Stick plug-in so the mobile experience is very cool. It´s as if you were driving a real spaceship. Also, to make the explosions, I used the Phaser Particle Storm plug-in. It´s incredibly fast. We have made two versions, if you open the game with a PC you get the 960x640 HD version but if you open it with a mobile device you´ll get the 480x320 version in order to keep the high performance. The game is completely responsive. Feel free to leave here some feedback, it would be very nice to me. I´m still improving the game and all advices will be taken into consideration for future updates. It supports all platforms and it´s totally free. You can play the game HERE
  2. Hi, everyone! We just have uploaded our brand-new game: Odyssey: From Earth to Space Enjoy this great renewal of the arcade classic, Bomberman. Get through 4 worlds fighting against diferent creatures with lots of distinct powers. Kill the four final bosses and save the earth. Use different weapons like bombs, swords and boomerangs to make you mission easier. It´s a long journey so you can save your game every day and continue at the same place you left it. Win all the medals saving bombs, being the fastest player and losing the least lives. And... if you are able to complete the four worlds (more than twenty different levels) you will get a big "extra" surprise... do you dare? This game has been our longest working project with more than 11.000 lines of code and it´s totally free. It supports all platforms, squeezing out all the power of Phaser. But we are still improving it so if you leave here some feedback it would be very nice to us. Will you save the earth? Let us know! You can play de game here!
  3. Hi, We just published a simple little game called Bunny Flap. You play as a bunny who knocks down the flappy bird and wants to fly. The game is made using GM Studio, and it is available free and playable on Android, Windows Phone and in browsers off course! Category: Action, Skill Description:Bunny got wings! He wants to flap his wings to the highest heights of the sky. He wants to eat sky carrots too. Beware though! Dangerous spikes get in your way along your mission. How high can you reach? Links to various platforms: HTML5 Android Windows Phone Istvan