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Found 6 results

  1. Hey, everyone Just released an alpha version of the game I'm making with cocos2d-html5 (I guess I'm one of the few here?). It's a tower defense using some of the original Game Boy limitations. Basically, you create a unit by choosing its type (attack or support) and then its starting tribe. When you upgrade, you choose in which tribe that unit will be trained. Depending on the combinations you make, the unit may change or simply increase its stats. I'm looking for some feedback specially on the HUD. I had a hard time organizing the icons and the numbers and everything, but, in the end, I'm not satisfied. I almost entirely compelled to change everything and increase the base resolution and the color palette, but I don't know if it's worth it. What do you guys think? Screenshots Links: Game Jolt: If you use mobile: Also, there's a post on my blog if you guys are interested in some more details: EDITED (2015-01-02): The game is now finished!
  2. Hello, guys! Me and @muclemente participated on a local 48h jam and I wanted to share the game we made here. The theme of the jam was a picture of the Neuschwanstein Castle, which led us to the german legend of the Swan Knight, and then to this idea. Basically, it's a poorly made clone of Towerfall (without bows and arrows) =] We also entered it on Local Multiplayer Jam. The game is in a niche of a niche: it's desktop and multiplayer only, with a strong requirement for a joystick, which only works on Chrome and Firefox (although in this last one the game isn't working properly with gamepads). Also, the mechanics aren't very sophisticated, but we found that the fun is much greater when 3 or more people play together. Hope you enjoy, and let me know what you think! Links: for fullscreen experience =] Screenshots:
  3. Hey, guys! This is my first post here, and that is because I will start porting a code I started on cocos2d-html5 to Phaser. Basically, I'm not happy with the performance and I will try rewriting it so see how it turns out on this lib =) Here's what I built so far, pretty simple: Firstly, I would like to know if anybody has some tips to learn the API easily (or any other tips that could help on this transition). Like, cocos2d-html5 don't have a good docs, but as I have read the docs from (and used) cocos2d-iphone, and the API is almost the same, I started coding without problem. If I go and read the Flixel API, would it help for me to know my way around Phaser? Well, I'm currently messing with the examples to get me started, good thing there's a lot of them =) Secondly, my main question: does Phaser supports sprite sheets generated by Zwoptex? I saw this template to export to JSON, but I'm not sure if it works. Thanks in advance!
  4. Our latest creation in cocos2d-html5: a blackjack game! The game was made in 2 days and art was created by Jump here to play on your computer or any handheld device: One cute screenshot for the road: Comments are welcome, let me know if it plays well! Francois
  5. A puzzle game inspired by the smartphone hit "Touch the Numbers"! Try it here: In this version, you race against the clock trying to catch 10 animated bugs, flowers and leaves among the possible 25. A private leaderboard is also included for extra motivation The game was made in cocos2d-html5 and art was created by It plays smoothly on desktops, smartphones and tablets. An iOS native version will soon be available. Some screenshots: Comments are welcome! Francois
  6. Hello, I am trying to draw a design for coins that the player collects like in super mario game. The coins design might have some fixed number like 8 designs. I want to draw these based on some random number generation and picking up one design . I am using a paralaxer background and moving the coins. After the coins have gone behind the screen I want to draw a new design. I don't know how to do this as I am new to game programming, my friend suggested me a possible way might be to include an xml file ,which contains like 0 ,1's you draw where there are 1's and leave where there are 0's . I am using cocos2d-html5 for programming. I don't think it is a better idea to use text files to achieve this ,Is it ? If you have any better idea ,please tell me. Any code samples or weblinks(only in javascript) are greatly appreciated. I am posting a sample design ,how I want it to be., like this I am going to have several designs.