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Found 19 results

  1. end3r

    Gamedev.js Jam 2020

    We're organizing an online Gamedev.js Jam 2020 that will run for 13 days between April 13th and 26th on the itch.io platform, and all the Web games you can build with any type of framework are welcomed! Visit the jam page to join: itch.io/jam/gamedevjs-2020
  2. Alakajam! is a weekend-long jam that is 1 year old now, and the 4th one is happening in two weeks, starting on Friday 12th October and ending Sunday 14th (jam) or Monday 15th (unranked) - and theme suggestion is now open! Check out the full rules and details of the Alakajam and the detailed schedule! To give you an idea of the jam size, we had between 49 and 71 entries during the three first jams and around 200 themes submitted for each one. We currently have 150 themes already submitted for the 4th Alakajam but you still have 8 days to submit and rate themes. You can also check
  3. Hello, I just have submitted a basic game around Phaser in the actual game jam https://reneromain.itch.io/githubgameoff2017 Feel free to discuss it in itch.io
  4. Alakajam! is a brand new little community, aiming at hosting regular game jams & other gamedev-related events. We're hosting a first competition on the 22-24 September week-end, with the goal to finish a game in 48 hours! Schedule overview Sep. 8th: Theme selection phase starts. You will get to suggest ideas for what the theme of the week-end will be, and vote on all the other ideas. Sep. 22th - Sep. 24th: The actual competition! As the theme is announced at 7pm UTC, you have 48 hours to finish your game, either solo or as a team, to be part of the official competition.
  5. Announcing Open Jam! Participants will build an open source game in 72 hours or less, play and judge other games, and compete for a chance to have their creation featured at All Things Open. Full announcement here: https://opensource.com/article/17/8/open-jam-announcement
  6. Hi everyone My entry in Jamtastic vol.#1 Play here: (link fix) Made with: Phaser/Typescript (I'll put the game code in github soon. ) Any comments, feedback or suggestions anyone has is greatly appreciated =D
  7. Hello everyone ! I'm a student in Gamedesign & Programming in Paris and I make games. Video games. HTML5 video games. Using Haxe. So I think I'm in the right place ! It's my first post here, one of my teachers recommended me to share our HTML5 game here ! So here it is, "Fall", made in 4 days within the GameWeek of my school. We were 9 in a team composed with 4 graphists, 4 Gameplay Programmers and 1 Producer. A team entirely made with first and second years ! Check it out here : http://rgarcin-gamedev.com/projects/fall/ Fall won the "Most polished game P
  8. Hi everyone! Here is Decay, the game we made during a 4-day gamejam in our school.It's about an alien trapped in a lab who's trying to escape by taking control of scientists. Decay won the "Best Graphics and Animations Prize" and you can test it here: http://camillerichard.net/games/decay/ We had no time to finish the touch input... so the game doesnt quite work on mobile We intend to start again the developping this summer and publish it on mobile stores. So feel free to give us your feedback
  9. The PlayCanvas PLAYHACK Game jam competition winners have been announced. The top three games were: Orbital Survivor - http://playcanv.as/p/3G3RnfUz - A manic spherical shooter where you end up shooting yourself. A lot! Galaxies: Combat - http://playcanv.as/p/Ikq6Uk6A - An arena-style shoot-em-up. Upgradable weapons and endless waves of enemies. Space Pirates - http://playcanv.as/p/VhZwmcKu - Bomberman meets Pac-man. Another spherical style game. This time a collect-em-up. With multiplayer. Play all the games from our blog: http://blog.playcanvas.com/playhack-with-play
  10. Hello! Me and a few friends made this game for the global game jam 2016, hope you like it http://globalgamejam.org/2016/games/test-3 You can play it directly here: http://thetest.herokuapp.com
  11. Hi all, Just want to share our latest collaboration games for IN.Game Jam Festival, Tiled Quest. IN.Game Jam is a two days game jam event being held last month in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. It's a tile puzzle games about the Knight that need to get the cursed sword to kill the dragon and save the princess (you know, the standard fantasy tropes ). It also got featured on the frontpage of Gamejolt right now. You can play the games for free here: http://www.gamejolt.com/games/tiled-quest/86389 Mobile port are also in progress. We planning on using Cocoon.IO for it Hope you enjoy it! Do let me
  12. I'm working on a game called "The Space Between" for a gamejam, and I have a problem with memory efficiency. I'm drawing asteroids as circles and destroying them when I don't need them, but it still starts to lag a bit as the game goes on. How can I make it faster and smoother? Here is a link to the game, and copy-pasted below is the part that deals with asteroid creation and, below that, the entire source code (all 382 lines of it). I don't really know anything about memory allocation, so I'm sure I'm making some pretty elementary errors. (Also, there's no loading screen yet, so give it
  13. Hello everyone, My school organize a game jam the 10, 11, 12 of April 2015. You can register here. http://html5gamejam.org/
  14. TL;DR The Arbitrary Gamejam 18 (#tagjam18) is the 18th game jam in a series of monthly game jams: Each month is hosted by winner of previous month.Runs from Jan 16 to Jan 18, 2015 (72hrs)Themes will be announced 24hrs before the start of the jam.@madmarcel won TAGJam 17 with an HTML5 entry.More info here: http://jams.gamejolt.io/tagjam18 The Arbitrary Game (TAG) Jam is a monthly game jam with three random themes to challenge your creativity! Entries are judged by the host and winner gets an opportunity to host TAG jam next month. TAG is a game jam with the goal of promoting small and unkn
  15. dave

    PLAYHACK December

    Last month we ran our first PLAYHACK, the first of our monthly game jams. Instead of a general game theme we give you a cool 3D asset for you to make any game you like with. This month we have a Christmas theme with this awesome Santa's sleigh model. It's just for fun so the rules are simple. Start by forking our original project. Build any game you like, endless-runner, racing game, arcade, etc, but somewhere you must include this month's asset. Our favourite game at the end of the month gets featured on our home page. Last month the theme asset was a sci-fi Hover Tank. Over 40 peopl
  16. Alive & Kicking Alive & Kicking is fast-phased one player (side perspective) karate game, where player must to survive by punching away the objects flying from other sides of the screen. You can play the game at itch.io or gamejolt.com ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Hi all, At last weekend I participated to gamejam and made a simple game with phaser. I didn't use much time to actual game programming (10 hours? 12 hours?), because I also needed time to come up w
  17. Hello, guys! Me and @muclemente participated on a local 48h jam and I wanted to share the game we made here. The theme of the jam was a picture of the Neuschwanstein Castle, which led us to the german legend of the Swan Knight, and then to this idea. Basically, it's a poorly made clone of Towerfall (without bows and arrows) =] We also entered it on Local Multiplayer Jam. The game is in a niche of a niche: it's desktop and multiplayer only, with a strong requirement for a joystick, which only works on Chrome and Firefox (although in this last one the game isn't working properly with gamep
  18. Hi, Sky Knight is one of the games that was done during our "one day" game jam. This game essentially begun as a reverse Ridiculous Fishing. Get up, score on your way down. Sky Knight is still rough around the edges and very unbalanced. There are no menus, no tutorial and no propper Android controls (sorry). Try to enjoy it anyways . Play Sky Knight Gameplay: You control a knight that gets catapulted into the air to fight dragons! Acent as high into the air as possible. Kill all dragons on your way down. Open your parashute bevor you hit the ground. Controls: On dekstop, contro
  19. Hi Guys, I come here disclose the 1° Bit Apps Jam, a online event of indie game development for mobile platforms, to register or get more details visit our website. Other doubts, We are disposal. http://www.bitappsstudios.com/
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