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Found 3 results

  1. Hey, I am making a program; I made a simple BabylonJS 3D thing to test, in chrome it opens fine, but adding "web browser" in visual studio gives like 10 script errors then loops back, and pressing no a bunch of times just loads the default blue background. Help me please :/
  2. IF ITS NOT ALREADY IN BABYLON.JS (and i just don't see it) Can we embed vertex and fragment programs in the .babylon file on the 'materal' object of the material customType="BABYLON.ShaderMaterial" Example: { "customType" : "BABYLON.ShaderMaterial", "name" : "Items", "id" : "dadbe3ae-445f-4fe4-b83f-000b27b2b8d4", "backFaceCulling" : true, "wireframe" : false, "alpha" : 1, "shaderPath" : "Items", "options" : { "attributes" : [ "position", "uv" ], "uniforms" : [ "worldViewProjection" ], "needAlphaBlending" : false, "n
  3. Hello, I've made a game in phaser. It's all in a html file with the assets folder next to it. Now how do I actually put it on my website that is hosted on Google Sites? I'm very new to web development. Thanks.
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