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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there! Catacomb Chaos is an endless action arcade game where you try to survive against unrelenting waves of skeletons. You can loot gold and purchase potions for your next life. Let me know what you think! Play here: I learned some neat stuff making this. Engine design, ECS, and steering behaviors are some of the cooler things I experimented with for the making of this game.
  2. Hi! This is my first time creating a game via a tutorial which I've coded along with so I am a completely new at this but I am eager to learn. I've this game "Bunny Defender" and want to create a simple High Score which I can store in some kind of localstorage with ex XML and display the high score result out on the screen when the game is over. I don't know how to do this and where to start. Would be very thankful if someone could point me at the right direction and how to manage this? // The complete game online // All the game files on github /Rookie Boy