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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I'm trying to use a roundedRect as a healthbar for a game. Every time an event happens (player hits enemy), the health bar must become shorter. The problem is, the rouded rect ignores my code to shrink and stays the same. I tried a lot of things but none of them helped. Any ideas the change the properties of a rounded rect? Thanks in advance, Monkey4aday
  2. Hi guys, I just wanted to show you my latest Phaser app, Pop Pop Bubble Wrap (I know it's simple but I just wanted to get back on track, I haven't coded a Phaser app since the end of 2015). Pop Pop Bubble Wrap is an infinite bubble wrapping popping simulator designed to reduce one' stress and anxiety. You can find it here: iOS: http://apple.co/2uWzooG Google Play: http://bit.ly/2uhg6IJ Website: http://popbub.eu/ #indiedev #indiegame #gamedev #roninmobile Let me know what you think! Regards!
  3. Hey there! Catacomb Chaos is an endless action arcade game where you try to survive against unrelenting waves of skeletons. You can loot gold and purchase potions for your next life. Let me know what you think! Play here: https://sambrosia.gitlab.io/catacomb-chaos/ I learned some neat stuff making this. Engine design, ECS, and steering behaviors are some of the cooler things I experimented with for the making of this game.
  4. Hello to all Phaser Lover, Would you mind guiding me the way to fill the red color inside the image shape. Thanks you in advance!
  5. I am thinking of adding some GUI on my character. How do you create health bars using sprites? Thank you
  6. Todd and I (aka Gopherwood Studios) had a blast working on Heartbeat - Lightning Runners; check it out! Developed in collaboration with Digital Eskimo for the University of Western Sydney, this puzzle-platformer is aimed at addressing health and culture with aboriginal children in Sydney, Australia. It's built in HTML5, using Platypus and CreateJS for the game engine and rendering and Tiled for the level layout and design. Let us know what you think! (from our blog)
  7. My team is having a little debate on whether or not to show enemies health (in a bar, with or without numbers). We're split about 50/50 so I thought I'd bring the question up here. In a casual game where it's my 1-3 guys vs 1-3 enemies, you take turns attacking, and you attack by choosing an action and who that action is taken against, do you feel the need for an enemy health bar? Does showing health give any benefit? Does taking heath representations away lose any or gain any benefit? What are your thoughts on displaying health? Thanks!
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