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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! I noticed something weird working with reflection texture on IE10 and Microsoft Edge. When using a single image as reflection texture, I get the error "Unable to compile effect", "Invalid arguments passed to function 'texture2D'". Here is a PG reproducing the issue It's working fine on Chrome and Firefox.
  2. Hi, I am experiencing an intermittent error thrown by PIXI on IE10, its this one: SCRIPT5022: Texture Error: frame does not fit inside the base Texture dimensions [object Object] So I tracked it down to Phaser, inside Phaser.AnimationParser.spriteSheet it is requesting a new PIXI.Texture with a duff frame position, so that's PIXI off the hook. But here's the problem, the Phaser code isn't wrong either. The problem occurs in this little bit of code inside the loop in Phaser.AnimationParser.spriteSheet: x += frameWidth + spacing; if (x + frameWidth > width) { x = margin; y += frameHeight + spacing; }Looks innocent enough and correct for what its doing but when the problem occurs, the end value of x that is correct when it is set to the value of margin inside the test block, impossibly snaps back to it's value prior ot entering the text block. I put console.log debugging in to dump all the variables between every line of code, here's the code again with added comments to show the xy values. // 1. margin=0 spacing=0 frameWidth=213 frameHeight=125 // 2. x=0 y=0 x += frameWidth + spacing; // 3. x=213 y=0 if (x + frameWidth > width) { // 4. x=213 y=0 x = margin; // 5. x=0 y=0 y += frameHeight + spacing; // 6. x=0 y=125 } // 7. x=213 y=125So how does the value of x change from being 0 (at comment 6) to 213 (at comment 7) with no code in between? As I said, this for me is only on IE10 and intermittent ie. without changing anything in the source code/assets, sometimes the problem will occur sometimes it won't, when it does occur it isn't always the same spritesheet either. The only constant is that when it does happen, it happens here in this piece of code. So is this a browser/javascript bug? Or am I missing something...
  3. Hi all, random problem here, wondering if anyone has had it - we're trying to develop a facebook game which consists of a Phaser app running in an iFrame. It all works great, but for some reason, the keyboard keys never register in IE10. We've tried ensuring the iFrame has focus, tried setting game.stage.disableVisibilityChange to false and to true, but cannot for the life of us figure out why the Phaser app can't control the keyboard from within an iFrame. Does anyone know if there's a way, maybe from the parent document, to allow Phaser to capture the keys? Thanks in advance, Nick