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Found 10 results

  1. i don't know how to rotate my character when i drag the joystick environment_model.html
  2. Hi, I would like to add to propose the following small update to the joystick plugin in order to make it compatible with hires scaling: var radius = this.bg.shapes[0].shape.radius / 2; must become: var radius = this.bg.shapes[0].shape.radius / 2 / game.scale; could you update this @enpu? Thanks!
  3. Hi guys, I am trying to create a Game with Ionic 2 (=> Typescript) and Phaser and so far it was fine... until that I tried to add the plugin Virtual Joystick. The line this.pad = this.game.plugins.add(Phaser.Plugin.VirtualJoystick); return an error about undefined "game" But the comment above this line works fine ... It's maybe that I don't use the correct syntax to call a plugin ... Please Help me import { Component } from '@angular/core'; import { NavController, NavParams } from 'ionic-angular'; import { Platform,AlertController } from 'ionic-angular'; import { Stora
  4. Hello, I'm developing a game with Ionic 3.5 and PHASER-CE, I recently bought the VIrtualJoystick and when trying to implement I'm getting the error: this.game undefined. ERROR ( core.es5.js:1084 ERROR TypeError: Cannot set property 'game' of undefined at Phaser.PluginManager.add (phaser-split.js:8917) at Fogo.webpackJsonp.274.Fogo.create ( ) Can you give me some help on how to implement this plugin. PS, it's all in typescript create() { this.game.plugins.add(Phaser.Plugin.VirtualJoystick); } Thank you for your at
  5. Hello, I am experiminting with the Virtual Joysticks Camera and I have a scene that is relatively large. when I use the left joystick to move the camera it moves really slow, I can't figure out how to change the speed of the left joystick. The right joystick(camera rotation) rotates just fine. Thanks for the help!
  6. I am using the virtual joystic camera to move around in my scene for users who are using ipads. The VJS camera works perfectly, but how do I allow users to pick objects in the scene? is there a way to keep the joysticks fixed on the bottom of the screen and allow the user to still pick objects?
  7. Hey guys, the canvas is a small part of my website. <canvas id="canvas" style="position: absolute; width: 80%; height: 80%; touch-action:none; "></canvas> How can I set the range from my joystick camera? It recognize the camera in the whole website.
  8. Hello! How many of yours have had the need to add a virtual joystick to your new phaser project? The options we have constrain us having the joystick static in one place in the screen. Most of the time this solution is not enough to give the best gaming experience. What do I mean? Not all the people have the same finger length, neither the same screen size. Users have a very big pool of different devices and configurations, driving us crazy dealing with all of them. That's why my team and I developed a custom solution, and now we want to share it with you: VJoy Plugin. The source code is avail
  9. I'm building my own joystick class for my game, and my virtual joystick consists of two parts: the base, which doesn't move, and the mobile part of the top. I was using this.topPart.fixedToCamera = true;to fix the joystick position to the camera, as my game is a scroller and I want the joystick to stay in the same position. The problem is that if I set that property to true I can't change the sprite's position. And if I don't fix the sprite to the camera when the camera moves that part of the joystick will not stay in place. Is there any way for moving the sprite in relation to the camera p
  10. Hi, I'm porting some cocoa code over to TypeScript and I'm currently working on the virtual joystick code. I noticed that if a mouse/touch is down and moving, update() will be sent twice. At least it appears that way. You can see an example of the anomaly here: http://www.sputnikgames.com/test/ If you constantly move your finger while holding the joystick thumb pad, the fish will move faster than if you hold your finger still on a direction with the thumb pad. The virtual joystick class has an update() method that's called by Phaser. If I remove it's update method and simply call a
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