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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I don't know how to assign the life variable individually to each zombie, avoiding that when one is hit, life is taken away from everyone. Same thing for the infectStatus which affects all zombies and not the individual. Thanks a lot! var zombies; var zombieLife = 3 this.create = () => { zombies = game.add.group(); zombies.enableBody = true; zombies.physicsBodyType = Phaser.Physics.ARCADE; var zombie0 = game.add.sprite(500, 1400, 'zombie'); var zombie1 = game.add.sprite(600, 1400, 'zombie'); zombies.add(zombie0); zombies.add(zombie1); zombies.setAll('anchor.x
  2. hi everyone there, does anybody have an a idea to create a life bar in phaser? i've thinking to use tweens and crop. but how i can restart it or reverse it when the player for example touches a heartlife? i know pretty well how to decrease its life but how can i add life to the bar? any advice would be awesome
  3. Hello guys, I just recently started to play with Phaser and so far I'm loving it.. However as I'm not used to it, I run into wall.. I'm creating a breakout game where I want different bricks to respond to ball hitting them differently.. Mostly I want to add bricks a health so to speak, so depending on the color of the brick, it will take 1,2,3.. etc ball hits to kill it.. I'm so far doing this in this fashion: // Red bricks bricks_1 = game.add.group(); bricks_1.enableBody = true; bricks_1.physicsBodyType = Phaser.Physics.ARCADE; // Yellow bricks bricks_2 = game.add.group();
  4. Hello gentlemen, let's whisk dust off our tired inquiring minds by the end of the week, and reflect on implementation of the "life line" of our characters. We are talking about the possibility of killing the player / enemy no with just one feed, but with several accurate hits. I think it would be great possibility to realize more interesting scenario. How do you make such things, and if you have examples, show it please. I found something similiar, so I will attach it bellow
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